Monday, September 19, 2011

Cantigny and Home

OK, objective is to get Chicago blog done and maybe a few of the straggler Michigan ones done before having to head to our plane. Today, we're playing Cantigny ( -- recommended by Allison and Robert (told us about the great practice facility and the great youth practice facility and program). Mark has meetings so Tom and I are on our own. Have breakfast at a Portillo's breakfast place (not bad) and then head over. Michael Green is who we were to ask for and he wasn't in yet. So, we wandered around before talking to Rachel in the pro shop who just sent us off. As long as we don't run into anyone, we should play fast, even if it is cart path only.

They have an amazing set up -- clubshop, practice area, everything. We knew this would be pretty good just from turning into the entrance. And, for only $100, a bargain. ( Tom and I play a game so that I will at least "try." He's giving me three a side. I start off pretty decent (not hitting my driver) with a par and win the hole. Then I stop keeping track. The course is in great condition, but with LOTS of dogleg rights it seems (definitely not good with my driver there) and a lot of sand. The greens aren't as fast as Naperville or Flossmoor, but in great shape with a lot of undulations. I just seem to putt better on greens in Michigan, Wisconsin and now Chicago -- than I can in Texas. Or maybe it's just new courses. Just don't know. We started with Hillside and then went to Lakeside. Supposedly Woodside and Lakeside are the two better nines, but since we haven't played any of them, we don't know what we're missing, or if we're missing anything. Not until we get to the end of the first nine that Tom announces that we're dormey (sp -- I'm winning!) and I manage to lose the next hole, tie and then win the last. We head to Lakeside and the starter, who reminds us of AK because he's peppering us with questions: are you an employee, what are you doing? oh, you're the two I let off. Then, Michael Green comes up to us and introduces himself. Great guy. He and Tom talk up the course and the Glen, which none of us have played, but Mike's interested in a comparison.

Mike tells us that the Lakeside is harder than Hillside and I manage to rattle off two double bogeys in the first two holes before settling down. Still not hitting driver. But, not getting into any trouble so that's a good thing. And I'm putting. This course is definitely a must play if you're in the Chicago area. Michigan like. Wisconsin like. And in the middle of Chicago.

Yes, I take Tom's money and am the "big winner" on this trip. We head to the airport where the nicest people at Alamo just about carried us onto the bus. Never had this great of service at Hertz or Avis or any of the others. Good job, Alamo. I think you may have a new customer in me. Keep it up. Go through the secret AAdvantage line at Ohare (or as Tom calls it, Oscare). At the Admirals Club. Not looking good for an upgrade. But free drinks and wifi. This is not my favorite Admirals Club. It's a maze and big and crowded. But, enough complaining.

Cross your fingers that we'll be upgraded.
Note: I will probably edit this blog when I get home (or maybe not), with pictures and more descriptions.

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