Monday, November 12, 2012

Weekend Adventure in November

Most of the time, my weekend routine is pretty much the same: golf, errands, golf, clean house. Yeah, nothing too adventurous. This weekend was "chock full" of stuff, beginning on Friday night with a trip to Bass Hall to see Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. Tony and I had never been to Bass Hall. And we both like Anthony Bourdain -- even though we're not sure exactly what the format of the show would be. And this was the first one with Eric Ripert joining him.

Happy that there was FREE parking in the garage to begin our evening. Grab a drink and then head to our seats. Pretty good view and seats (even though they weren't the most comfortable). The show was pretty good -- insights about both. Insights about the industry. But, have to say that I enjoy reading Anthony Bourdain's books over seeing him live. And, that Eric Ripert may not be as "clean cut" as we all think of his TV image. Nice evening. Rest up because on Saturday we're going riding to Muenster, Texas, a little German town.

Saturday is windy again, but we decide we're going to go riding anyway. Rest of the people who were thinking about it bail on us because of the wind. Head on our way, stopping at North Texas Harley on the way -- my glasses are "rotting." No luck in replacing the insert there, so off we go again, having plotted out a route to see some water, and cows. The wind is pretty fierce and I'm sure Tony and I are both thinking "what are we doing?" Keep riding along. Plenty of cows. And horses. Getting close to Muenster, we think. And then Tony looks down at the gas gauge -- and the light is on. In a little town of Era. Don't see a gas station -- just a sign that one (and a Subway) is "coming soon." So, we pull up to a little building and get out of the wind. A car pulls up and we ask the ladies about a gas station. Valley View (where we just came from) is the nearest, 7 miles.

And then, there is an "oh s**t" moment from Tony. Not only are we almost out of gas. The key to his gas tank is at home. Yep. Make a few calls. Guess that the key is kind of "universal" and if we can find someone with a Harley (with their key) we might be able to get gas. Back to Valley View we go -- hoping to make it there. The wind is really using up the gas.

Halfway, and sputter sputter. Then gas. Then sputter, sputter. Then gas. Then hill -- uphill. Yes, you can see where this is going. Side of the road. No gas. Tony tracks down his friend Tom (who was supposed to go riding with us). He's going to jump in his truck and bring us gas. I remind Tony to tell him to bring his Harley key. Yes, you can see where this is going.

Tom brings the gas, but not the Harley key. And, a toolbox key will not open it. So, we have gas, but no way of putting it into the tank. Out comes screwdriver and hammer. One way of opening a gas cap...

We have gas. We have movement. No Muenster for us. Head towards home, stopping in Tioga at Clark's for lunch (BBQ). And then, wind. Lots of wind. The thing about heading home is that you know how far you are. And how windy it will be. Are we there yet? is all I think. And all Tony thinks -- no cruise control with this kind of wind.

Get home around darkness. There's an adventure. Fun? Yes. Stressful? Yes. Something to blog about!

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