Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Three Club Tournament

On Saturday, Woodbridge Golf Association had our three-club tournament. A lot of thinking goes into this round of golf. They let me play from the Reds. They play from the Whites.

Only THREE clubs. Which ones would you choose?

At least Woodbridge is our home course, so we know the layout. We know where we want to be. And where we don't want to be. We can think through each shot for 18 holes.

I opted for 5 iron, pitching wedge, putter. Definitely wanted three clubs that I am comfortable with. Didn't feel comfortable trying to putt with a 3 wood or something that would make a three foot putt even scarier. And I love my 5 iron and love my pitching wedge. May have to lay up on some of the par 4s, but could rely on a good pitching wedge and one putt for par (or be perfectly OK with a bogey).

The Sunday before, we went ahead and tried out our strategy. I shot an 87 or something like that with my 3 clubs. Not bad. Tom and Mark went 3 wood, 7 iron, pitching wedge. Seemed to work OK for them.

And then Saturday came. It was a lot colder and windier than it was on Sunday. And we soon discovered that we didn't take weather into our strategy. I would have switched my pitching wedge for a nine iron (maybe 8).

At the end of the day, I shot an 83 and was pretty damn proud of my self. No birdies, no snowmen or big, big numbers. 18 was probably my most memorable hole -- 5 iron. 5 iron. And then another 5 iron because my pitching wedge wasn't going to make it 120 yards over a creek, into the wind. Punched down 5 iron. Made the putt for par.

And, my 83, net 71, ended up winning me my flight. First flight had a 78 (Austin Alaniz). Some big numbers, some not so big numbers. But, I'll take winning the first tournament of the year -- with only three clubs!

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