Thursday, July 17, 2014

Michigan 2014: Game On!

OK, the Michigan golf trip, August 9 – 16 is locked and loaded, with eight of us going this year. And we haven’t left and the trash talk is already going. Tom starts it off and then it gets running.

Here are the courses on the trip: Forest Dunes ( , Boyne Alpine, Boyne Monument, Bay Harbor (Links/Quarry, Quarry/Preserves), Donald Ross, Arthur Hills, Heather, Elkridge ( ), Black Lake ( ), Crooked Tree, Hidden River ( )

Stars of the show: Tom Warren (aka ProV1, Julie), Liz Kline (The Princess), Pete Dickenscheid (The Volcano), Ron Campbell (The Seagull), Frank Catron (Babydoll), Paul Stark (PMS), Jeff Etter and Cory Hargrave (who are newbies and will most likely have nicknames quickly into the trip). They may pull out if they get a little worried about the email commentary that has been flying this week, along with photo backup. I don’t know if Tom has warned them about the blog. Or the pictures. Or Twitter. Or Facebook. (even though I don’t really do much social media on the trip).

This is how the email conversation has been going:

TOM: Campers-

Our 8-some is complete with the addition of Cory Hargrave, another of my Bent Tree buddies and a good guy (of course he is, like Jeff, he's an Aggie!!).  I have attached the itinerary for those of you who do not have it.  Current lineup and handicap indexes are as follows:

Tom Warren                                                    4.0

Pete Dickensheid                                            4.8

Paul Stark                                                        8.0

Liz Kline                                                           11.5

Cory Hargrave                                                 11.7

Jeff Etter                                                          11.8

Ron Campbell                                                  13.1

Frank Catron                                                    15.1

It has been several years since I had more than one foursome along so we need to come up with some proposed games, gambling, etc.  I intend to mix up the players in each foursome daily so everyone gets to play with everyone (unless Pete throws too many clubs and ends up by himself).  We could have a daily group-against-group bet or a week-long "tournament" or ??  Each foursome can have its own game as well.  I am open to any suggestions but the idea is NOT for anyone to win or lose a lot of money.  Perhaps we could all throw money into a pot ($100?) and figure out how to play for the pot during the week.  We can talk about it over the next couple weeks.

I am trying to get Cory and Jeff out to Woodbridge to meet everyone but a 6:30 tee time makes them break out in a rash.  Jeff says he will make it but we shall see.  At least Jeff was in the Army so he is somewhat familiar with the "hut, hut, hut" nature of the trip.

LIZ:  80% packed. Just asked the Bob-In Again for their daily custard flavors. Will dig up that golf game book I have somewhere at home. Counting down the days (but haven’t told Tony about the 545 am Saturday flight, Tom …)

PAUL: Well, Liz is packed 24 days before departure day. I think I will pack 24 minutes before departing. The picture is awesome Liz. What course is it? What is the Bob-In?

Tom, looks like you have the planning well underway. Thanks for doing what you do! What is the Boyne? The place(s) where we are staying?

RON: It’s great not being the Rookie! Don’t worry Paul, soon it will all be clear. And the packing…I’m right there with u…I would get too excited and likely spit up if I was packed that far in advance!

TOM: Jeff informed me that he won't be able to make Woodbridge this weekend because of a "wedding" or some other bullshit lame excuse.  The HIGH today in Petoskey will be 71 with clear blue sunshine!!  I can't wait.  Pete told me he is SOOOOOO excited that Paul is coming on the trip so he has someone to share special moments with, since Daigle can't go (see "Boyneback Mountain" photo).  Of course, Frank and Ron have each other.  Jeff/Cory-don't be scared…'re mine!! Hammer!!!

LIZ: I’m feeling so alone with all of these cozy couples. But, I told Tony that all of you are gay so this works out fine.

TOM: You are supposed to be "bird-dogging" a rich Bay Harbor dude………………..

LIZ: So far all I’ve mustered is a yardage book from the “Ogre” at Bay Harbor. Guess I need to rethink my Bay Harbor Day outfit. Or maybe I need to try and land a rich Forest Dunes dude.

TOM: Either works for me.

PETE: You guys are sick, no broke back golf this year or in the past.

TOM: Ah, the gimp speaks!!

PETE: Only when you try throwing me under the bus

LIZ: I think someone needs a hug. Paul, this is what will be required of you so Pete doesn’t get his panties all up in a wad.

TOM: Well said, Lizard, well said!!

PAUL: Pete - I thought I was the ONLY one – my feelings are hurt! Are you fooling around behind my back?

PETE: You guys just can't keep your mouths shut.  What happens in Michigan, stays in Michigan. 

TOM: Except when we can get a good laugh at someone's expense!!  You should be more thoughtful about Paul's feelings…he's a sensitive guy.

LIZ: Not when we publish the book it doesn’t. The intro is writing itself as we speak.



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