Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day Two: Road to Knoxville (continued)

In the morning, we head out to find a Home Depot in Trussville to “rig the trailer lights” back. Found a Lowe’s first and bought wire and reflector tape. Tony and I (I played helper) rewired the one remaining fender in the parking lot. Success. While we only have one light, it works. And the reflector tape helps as well. Hopefully if we get pulled over, the cop will take pity on us. Besides, we see lots of trailers on the road without any working lights. Note: if you have to work on a bike in a parking lot, a Lowe’s isn’t a bad place. Lots of helpful people, and nice people. One even told us that the Harley dealership was right down the road from us if we needed more help.

Back on the road. Up through Tuscaloosa, then Chattanooga, then Al & Eileen’s house. We make it. Unpack. Tony and I have “reserved” the basement bedroom, right next to the bar. Perfect!
Kat and Molly meet and it’s pretty uneventful.

Unload our bike. And then head for a quick ride for a late lunch/dinner and to Smokey Mountain Harley Davidson ( ) so that Al can put a new windshield on his bike. This Harley dealer is pretty impressive and big (I didn’t go last trip since I was on crutches). They have a bar/restaurant called The Shed, with good pulled pork sandwiches. Mac ‘n cheese and macaroni salad not bad either. This trip will definitely warrant a diet when we return!

Mike and Susan don’t get to Knoxville until Sunday, so Saturday we’re going to do our own trip with Al & Eileen – it’ll include a return to the Tail of the Dragon.

NOTE: It is December and I'm sitting in my hotel room in Phoenix finally looking to publish this trip. This write up was done back in September. Since this trip, we found that at Home Depot we could have purchased a trailer light kit and it would have made this much easier. They are in a weird aisle, but wanted to make that note (

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