Monday, August 07, 2017

Michigan Eve

The day (well, week) before Michigan is like Christmas Eve. You just can’t wait. As Heather said last night when they got in to Michigan (“They turn into five-year olds.”). Well, we all do and did. And, in the day of texting, it can get a bit out of control. Even Pete this year, got into the game.

MW: OK, here is the Michigan thread with all 6 of us on it. Pete, how many days?
PD: 3 ½
PD: Who’s packed. Liz, you don’t count.
PS: Got it. Thanks. Packed? Not me…will start soon though.
TW: Friday night
MW: Saturday night
PD: Mark, hope Heather is a light packer.
MW: Our golf bags only have 14 clubs each so lighter than some others I know. [This is in reference to Tom DQing himself in the last tournament because he discovered that evening that he had one too many clubs]
PD: This is no beauty contest. Things will get ugly.
HW: I’ll pack Sunday morning. Yes, light packer.
PD: Meme


MW: I’m packed.
Yes, Mark's an Aggie.

PD: Thought you were going to do that Friday.
MW: Oh wait, wrong trip.
TW: Michigan has a 10-club limit so you will have to pare down.
Me: Bare necessities

PD: Are you singing the Bear Necessities?
TW: Perfect! Whoop!
TW: Of course, I already burned all my Aggie stuff. Wearing Portland State gear now.
Me: Don’t forget the MSU fight song bottle opener that Pete likes!
PD: Have you been reading “How to win friends and influence people” again?
TW: I know who my friends are…
TW: Everyone back to work. You’re bothering Paul.
Me: Pete, you need this (OSU bottle opener)
Pete went to Indiana and DESPISES OSU.

PD: You have a death wish?
Me: May help your putting on the mountain.
PS: How many HOURs Pete?
PD: Not quite sure. I’m at Sewell Cadillac getting my car serviced. Can’t think about that right now.
PS: Y’all know what we need?
Me: In 24 hours we will be on hole 1 of the loop!
MW: That’s it, gonna change my flight and head to forest dunes tonight.
PS: Do it!!!
Me: You can carry my bag and watch us play.
PS: And I’ll let you fetch my beer (s)
MW: I cannot carry a left handed bag very well.
MW: I am good at carrying a cooler.
PS: Make room for Coors Light
PS: And Clamato.
Me: Heat wave at Forest Dunes tomorrow of 81 degrees.
PS: I need to pack a jacket and gloves.
PD: You are such a sissy.
PS: Play nice Pete. I know you can.
PD: Paul, I know you think it’s a little cool, but just remember while we are comfortable everybody will be sweating in Dallas.
Me: Including Mark and Heather (insert snarky comment since they are a day after us)
PS: Gotcha. I’m looking forward to the NICE temp change. Winter is coming (where’s that from?). Hint GOT.
Me: I haven’t binge watched GOT.
PD: All, none of us really watch chick flicks.
PS: You should.
PD: Are you saying it might teach me some manners?
PS: This is the furthest from a chick flick
PD: Then please do tell what movie it is?
PS: Game of Thrones
PS: Game of Thrones. Winter is Coming to House Stark
PD: You know, all you folks have way too much pent up energy
PD: the way you are going on you would think we are going to Caligula’s for an orgy.
PD: Come on, somebody’s got to have a Snappy comeback.
Me: Make sure your feet are ready for barefoot golf. Golf tans allowed.

PS: Where to you suggest barefoot golf.
Me: Mountain.
MW: Do sandals count as bare feet?
Me: no NO and No (and NO)
Me: If Pete can do it you can too. Pete does not throw clubs barefoot.
MW: OK, I’m in
PS: Is that your final answer Liz? Or would you like to think about it for a minute or 2?
MW: Sounds like she is on the fence.
PD: Why do you all go out of your way to antagonize me. You think it’s fun, but I will get revenge.
HW: Yea, leave Pete alone. Pete I’ll ride with you so I’m not on the wrong side of your revenge.
HW: Had to respond since my phone was blowing up.
Me: Welcome to Michigan
Me: Tom is MIA because he’s on a plane or it’s game on.
HW: I need to start packing.
Me: Best outfit days are Bay Harbor and True north.
PS: Liz winzs it’s her day
HW: fortune
HW: They got that right.
PD: It’s Carma, Heather
TW: Honey, I’m home!!!
PD: It’s all better now darling.
PD: I’m sorry, you were talking to Liz
TW: Actually, Paul
PS: Hey Tom
PS: Good night John Boy
TW: Good night. I still gotta pack.
HW: We be packing.

Note on blog: this is done “live” meaning, I’m writing about today. Or “past” meaning it’s happened and I’m remembering it. Therefore, when the posts go up, “last night” is really true because it’s 512 am on Monday and I’m stretching, drinking coffee and getting ready for Boyne’s Heather and Arthur Hills today. Just wanted to make sure anyone wanting to ding me on tenses. I also don’t proof this, so give me a break. I’m on vacation.

Note on packing: Yes, I do pack the month before. It’s a “sickness” that I just can’t stop. This year, I’ve decided to try and go monochromatic. There will be two purple days, pink day, green day, black day, blue day. Something different. And, as usual, a pair of golf shoes will stay in Michigan, along with socks, underwear, tee shirt and shorts (but not the pink sweater that has been on every Michigan golf trip to date).

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