Sunday, November 26, 2006

Maggie and Kat

Yesterday was Maggie's birthday. She's four years old now. For her birthday, we celebrated with a mammoth bone (think of a 10 + pound femur and you'll get the idea). She was quite excited. So was Kat. At least Maggie's not possessive of her chewies, so she didn't mind Kat licking on one end while she was gnawing away at the other end. Eventually, Maggie relinquished it to Kat and then pouted.

Our Christmas card will show a cut off picture of Kat and Maggie. Getting the two of them to pose at the same time has proven to be extremely difficult. Maggie lays around while Kat runs around. And neither of them ever looks extremely pretty. But, Tony has managed to get some pictures of the two of them.

Last Friday, they did get baths. I was going to just give Kat one, but Maggie heard the magic word and ran into the shower to wait her turn. Great! Kat doesn't enjoy it, but Maggie could spend an hour in the shower eating water. I don't particularly enjoy it either.

Aren't our babies cute?

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