Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Sharkey's Fourth Annual Golf Tournament

Thanks to Andy's planning and Sharkey's bar crew's awesome help, on Saturday the 4th Annual Golf Tournament was held at Los Rios Golf Club. Much was said about the team I put together: me, Tom, Jason and Pete. Guys I play with at Woodbridge. Tom and Jason were with me on the team that won the Third Annual Sharkey's Golf Tournament (and when everyone first started joking about my "ringer team").

The tournament began with the sad news about Ron Blackburn -- it looked like he wasn't going to make it through the day after liver and kidney failure. We said a prayer and promised to think about him throughout the day. I remembered playing with Ron in the First or Second Sharkey's Golf Tournament. Wasn't great, but was a lot of fun to play with. Now that I remember, I wasn't really sure where to stand that day when playing with them! But, that's what we love about Sharkey's. The stories, the people, the interaction amongst us.

So it's a bit anticlimactic to say who the winner was: My team. We came in at 13 under. Second was 8 under. Steve, Randy, Scott, and ? came in Dead Ass Last (last past the all girl team of Glenda, Rosie, Julie and Dawn -- you go girls!). Our goal was to be at least 18 under, but a few pars didn't help. Kelley won the closest to the pin -- and said that it was almost a hole-in-one.

Now we have bragging rights for the next year. And Sharkey's golf windshirts (courtesy of Sharkey's and CooperStepp) to flaunt our victory.

On a sad note, Ron passed away while we were on the course. I know our thoughts were with him and his thoughts were with all of us as we celebrated his life. And raised money for a great cause: TEAM (Steve Anderson's charity).

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