Saturday, April 14, 2007


Hopefully I'll get more pictures as the summer progresses and does our garden. Trying to get the backyard into shape. It's hard with Kat and Maggie. It's really hard with Kat and Maggie! They ruin the lawn. And then they like to sunbathe in the flower bed. We've decided to take back the flower beds this year. Solution: fencing. Around the tomato plants and peppers and veggies. Sounded like a great thing until Tony saw Kat wandering around in them. She's very delicate about it. And when he called her, she just walked through the slats in the fencing. It's hard to remember that she's not 210 pounds like Maggie.

So, we're going to try to keep Maggie out of the flower beds. Kat we'll just have to train. Hopefully she won't want to eat tomatoes like she did last year. Now, if we could only get the grass to grow.

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