Saturday, April 14, 2007

Kat turns one

When we got Kat for Maggie, we knew we were getting a little dog who would think she was a big dog. Perfect. What we also thought in getting a cute little white dog was that she would be a little princess. Trying to stay clean and dry and cute and pretty.
Were we wrong! Kat has turned one and we have a stinky, dirty, scraggly tomboy of a dog -- whose only princess tendancies are when she sits on the pillow above my head and naps. She has no care about mud or dirt or the rain (even though she doesn't particularly like to go potty outside if it's raining -- as we've discovered). But, she does love her Maggie. And chasing squirrels. And her squeaky toys. And bottle caps. And water bottles. And ice cubes.
So, we have a tomboy princess on our hands.

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