Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday Night Football: Cowboys vs. Eagles

Note: finally figured out how to get my photos off the phone (thanks, Brian and Shane). Found out that my computer didn't have the right "stuff" so we used Shane's mac to get them retrieved. As you can see, I'm also not very good at using the camera phone (notice I took a self portrait and didn't even know...)

Eventually MORE visual aids will be added to this posting, but I am phone challenged and haven't figured out how to make the photos go from my phone to my computer to upload. Jason isn't as technically challenged as I am and provided these two.

My first Cowboys game.
My first Monday Night Football.
The first home Cowboys game.
The last MNF game at the old stadium before the new one opens.

Pretty historic (or, as Jason said -- "you're an elitist"). Not a bad game to get tickets to, thanks to John Hampton, Xpedx (thanks!).

I'm going.
Tony's going (he's at least a Cowboys fan)
Jason Landkamer is going (he's a fan)
Jason LeFebvre is going (he's a Bears fan like me).

"Get there early," John said, so our plans are to leave from Eisenberg And Associates around 430. Think by the time we got lost and then found a Cash parking lot (note to Cowboys: better wayfinding signage is needed at the new stadium) and waited in a long line to park in a field, hiked a mile to the stadium. Boy, that first beer was pretty good. Seats are great -- section 14, row 38 (thanks, John!).

Have to say that I'm glad we went and we all had a good time. Have to say that I'm glad it was up until the end before an outcome -- no big routes. Close until the end. Yes, I know -- the Cowboys won. I have to say I'm happy. And I have to say that it was well worth the traffic and the crowds and the LATE night.

After the game -- three million people all left at the same time. What did we do? Went to the Corral and drank until it cleared up (better than being in a crowd, parched, with no place to go). That must be why we made it through college. EDUCATION.

Yes, I stayed out until 2 am and made it into work. Yes, I'm tired. But it was worth it. Not going to do a play-by-play because most of you know that I like football, but I'm not obsessed by it. I'll fill in with pictures. Maybe find a few stats to sprinkle in that make me sound like a football nut.

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