Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 2, Lake Arrowhead Lakes and Pines

First day of two a days begin on Sunday. This means getting up really early and heading out, hoping to stop for breakfast along the way. Today: Lake Arrowhead Lakes and Pines (

Since it's our first trip with Dave and Pete, Tom and I don't know if they'll be dragging to the car or sitting in the car when we plan on heading out. They are the latter (yeah), at least for the first day.
Head out to Lake Arrowhead. Corn, lots of corn, along the way, but pretty much no "civilization" until we get to the club. Moment we get out of the car, mosquitos begin their onslaught on us.

Since there was nothing to eat along the way to the clubhouse, the nice lady in the restaurant made us breakfast sandwiches (we also experienced some of the regulars already hitting the bloody marys and beer -- may not be a bad idea). Pay for our round (they don't accept American Express) and range balls, off to loosen some stiff muscles. With the defective tokens (or range machine), Pete looks like he wants to break the machine (but doesn't).

Lake Arrowhead is WELL POPULATED WITH MOSQUITOS. But, we come prepared and spray away. Unfortunately, we discover throughout the day, that the stuff we brought -- well, the skeeters liked it. And us. Never in our Michigan trips have we encountered this many mosquitos. And, it's on the warm side. But, they do have a Michigan feel to it. Problem with the Pines course is that it's Sunday, and it's "couples/family" day on the course. SLOW, slow, slow. But, we're on vacation. And we're golfing.

Head back after our round and wash up and head into Waubash (civilization) for dinner at a restaurant Pete's been talking about for weeks (I can't remember if they take American Express). And, we discovered a new place on our way to Culvers for ice cream: Milty Wilty's (they only take CASH, no credit cards) -- the Waubash version of Petoskey's Bob In. Not quite the same, but not that different. Very Happy Days-ish. Tom and Dave buy tshirts. This is definitely part of our Michigan experience.

Back to Pete's house and crash to prepare for Day 3 of Wisconsin (I suppose we need to come up with real names for our trips).

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