Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 3, Northern Bay and Sentry World

Ok, we have more driving to do on Day 3, playing Northern Bay and then heading to Stevens Point (over an hour away from Northern Bay) to play Sentry World. Hoping to stop and have breakfast along the way (but given yesterday's experience, we may be eating at the clubhouse again). We were lucky to find a little cafe pretty close to Northern Bay. We walk in and a guy at the counter says "you must be the golfers." Duh. Guess they get a lot of us in there.
We pull into Northern Bay ( and it reminds me and Tom of Boyne. Newer condos, nice cars parked out front, nice clubhouse. Kinda log-cabin style. We're running on the trunk slamming side timing wise, since breakfast took a little longer than we planned. And, again, Northern Bay does not accept American Express. The weather is a little on the "chilly side" so we're feeling like we're in Michigan. And the course, played like Michigan, only these were replica holes from Augusta, TPC Sawgrass, Oakmont, etc. This course definitely needs to be on a course to play in Wisconsin. Except for having to pass a really slow threesome at the turn (#10 is the TPC Sawgrass #17 hole). Northern Bay is definitely a must play on a Wisconsin golf trip. We buy brats for the road to eat on the way to Sentry World.
Sentry World ( is part of Sentry Insurance and it's facility is pretty enormous, with lots of tennis courts. They do take American Express! Parking lot is pretty empty and we get on earlier than our 3 pm tee time. Gary, our starter, is a trip. Here's another Michigan like experience and the course is very picturesque. Especially the 17th hole par 3 that is surrounded by flowers (free drop if you hit in their -- local rule that is a two stroke penalty if you don't adhere to it). Gorgeous and sweet smelling. Not necessarily on the top of my list, but we enjoyed ourselves (until the mosquitos came out).
Finish up and head to dinner at a place recommended by the cart kids. We even tried fried cheese curds (tasted like fried mozzarella sticks). We're also sticking to Wisconsin beer. Like Wisconsin Amber (the beer for Badgers) and Leinenkugal is pretty tasty. And Spotted Cow (which Tom calls Spotted Monkey). When a tourist,be a tourist, is our motto!

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