Sunday, October 10, 2010

Gold Cup, Part 1

I thought about waiting until the end of Gold Cup and then filling you in on the results. But then, that didn't go over well last year, because I didn't remember the details. So, the morning of our Sunday round, decided to upload the photos I took into snapfish, and drink some coffee. It's also nice that this bout of gastro stuff (they say that stomach "flu" isn't correct) is over and I feel human again.
On Friday evening, skills challenge (long drive, chipping and putting) started on on the rocky side for Woodbridge in the Long Drive category. Well, rocky is mild. Paul Burke led off with a whopping 1 point. Followed by no points by Doug Kelley, one point by Pete Dickenscheid, and no points by Brian Hackney. Plantation wasn't doing great, but you get one point just for being ANYWHERE in the fairway. Advantage Plantation. And then the chipping came and we rallied back. And then the putting came and we clobbered Plantation with some excellent feats by Dills, Sharp, Foster, Thompson, Smith and Cross. Winning the skills challenge. Announce the pairings for Saturday's rounds. I'm absent but I'll get caught up on Saturday.

Saturday, not 100% I'm going to be up for this co-captain responsibility, but at least will try and make it up there to get them off the first tee and then wait and see. I do make it and for the entire day. And even eat for the first time.

But, I think I'm just going to upload a smattering of photos (I've discovered that what looks really close to me when I take these pictures, is really not -- and while I know all of these guys, I'm sometimes having an identification issue) and post the results from Saturday and keep you in suspense.

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