Monday, October 11, 2010

Woodbridge Takes Back the Gold Cup

OK, enough of the suspense and I'll get right down to it: Woodbridge won the Gold Cup 16 1/2 to 15 1/2 to take back the Cup! On Saturday morning, we finished Best Ball (fourball) 4&4, but had some difficulty in Alternate Shot (foursome), finishing up on Saturday with 6 1/2 points to Plantation's 9 1/2. We had our work cut out for us in singles matches on Sunday.

Saturday Best Ball Matches
Gary Foster/Ronnie "Blood" Cross vs. Randy Steinbrenner/Mike Hess
W Kelly Dills/Bill Johnson vs. JW Wright/Paul Krause
W Doug "Big Nuts" Kelly/Mark Patsy vs. Steve Jarmon/Jed Cantlay
Paul Burke/Brett Bim vs. Duncan MacLean/Blake Richardson
W Elvin "The Assasin" Sharp/Jack Thompson vs. Ron Gunia/Alan Owen
Ron "Seagull" Campbell/Brian Hackney vs. Chad Owen/Joe Hamilton
W John Smith/Greg "Cop" Neal vs. Mike Askew/Paul Miller
Tom "ProV" Warren/Pete Dickenscheid vs. Joe Curtis/JR Westmoreland

Saturday Alternate Shot Matches
AS Bim/Dills vs. Hess/Cantlay
Sharp/Thompson vs. Jarmon/Owen C.
W Warren/Campbell vs. MacLean/Terrien
W Neal/Patsy vs. Hamilton/Richardson
Dickenscheid/Kelly vs. Gunia/Miller
Hacknay/Johnson vs. Wright/Krause
Foster/Cross vs. Owen, A./Nelms
Burke/Smith vs. Curtis/Westmoreland

Sunday Singles Matches
W Askier vs. Bailey
AS Kelly vs. Gunia
W Dickenscheid vs. Owen, A.
W Bim vs. Hess
W Dills vs. Steinbrenner
Campbell vs. Wright
W Warren vs. Krause
W Patsy vs. Jarmon
W Neal vs. Askew
Cross vs. Owen, C.
W Smith vs. Hamilton
W Johnson vs. Nelms
Hackney vs. Miller
W Thompson vs. Richardson
Sharp vs. MacLean
W Foster vs. Westmoreland
W Burke vs. Curtis

Frank and I finish up our round with the Pros, grab some beers and head out to check out the action. Pete closes up his match on 18 with a win and Doug squares his match against Gunia. We hear that Woodbridge is kicking some butt in our matches. We are. But, we had some ground to cover in order to get the cup back. Frank and I are tooling around, checking out the matches. At 13 we find the last group and since their match is pretty tight, decided they didn't need an audience and we decide to follow Pete and Doug to the 16th and check out the action there. If you know Woodbridge, we have a lot of little trails that let you shortcut to different holes.

You know something's going to change this little golf adventure, don't you? Well, it does. I just told Frank to let them go ahead and we were chuckling over the two big guys in the cart ahead of us, taking up a lot of space as they raced full speed to the 16th. CRASH. Bodies flying out of carts. "You blanking blank!" coming out of Doug's mouth. Smoke coming out of the cart. Cart seat off the cart. Yes, Pete ran full force into a tree while not keeping his eyes on the "road" (and no, he wasn't drinking). Pretty much stopped golf in its tracks as matches stopped, people came running.
Good news: while Doug is going to be pretty sore and has quite a few gashes, he'll be good. And Peter will be a little sore, he'll be good except for the many, many years of stories that will come with this "incident." It sure did make for a lot of fun after we won Gold Cup and were drinking beers. And, Pete discovered that there is a "dumbass deductible" with his homeowners insurance that will cover the cost of fixing (or replacing) the golf cart -- that didn't look like it was going to be "fixable."

I say it everytime and I'll say it again. While winning the Gold Cup is excellent and an honor, and I was honored to be co-captain of the team, it's really about the teamwork, the comaraderie between Woodbridge and Plantation -- that's what makes this my favorite event of the year.

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