Thursday, April 28, 2011

Annual Report Season

Pretty much my life is taken up with "annual report season" from November until May. The crazy part begins in February. The presschecks in March. The last of our 2010 annuals rolled off press on Tuesday. Yes, annual reports are still "alive and well." They come in different shapes and sizes. The quantities printed are few. But, they are still an effective tool to communicate to stakeholders. It's also a good exercise for companies to go through to summarize the year, and the upcoming year.

Eisenberg And Associates is always proud of the books and our efforts. It takes a team to create -- our client, our designers, our production team, paper reps, photographers, copywriters, illustrators, printers, proofreaders. Lots of driving between our office and our client and printers. NTTA loves my tolltag bill.

Here are some of the covers of our final books. We're proud!

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