Tuesday, April 19, 2011


OK, note to self: finish editing the Pebble Beach Pro Am post and post it! I know it's annual report season, but enough procrastinating. I just received a Pebble Beach brochure in the mail that prompted me to remember that I never got around to it.

If you're a non-golfer, I'm sure that you'll be less than excited about this post. But, if you're a non-golfer, you probably don't read much of my blog anyway, since 90% is devoted to golf, golf and more golf.

After much debating, last week we decided we wanted to pull the trigger on our annual golf trip. But, Friday's are NOT the days you want to look at airfare. We did and the rates had jacked up again. Decided to wait until Tuesday, when the rates usually drop again.

So, this morning, I get on to aa.com and check out the rates and they were still jacked up at 6 am. Ugh. Don't know what prompted me to check back around 10 am -- and they had dropped! Called, Tom -- who had checked at 530 am. He called Bob, called Forest Dunes, called Frank, made a couple other calls. And then called me and we booked our flights.

Then, Tom -- who as you know is our cruise director for the trip -- pretty much booked the rest of our stay in Michigan. I just need to dig up the gift certificates for the 8 free rounds of golf at TreeTops and then make those tee times.

So, July 20 - July 28: Michigan Bound!

More on the itinerary, but I know this:
* Staying at Forest Dunes our first night and playing there the next day (they have a four BR house)
* Staying at Boyne Mountain for the rest of the trip (I believe in a four BR suite in the main lodge)
* Playing Alpine, Monument, Bay Harbor, True North, TreeTops (probably Fazio and maybe Threetops), couple other Boyne Highlands courses, maybe Tullymore
* Bob In will be on the route any chance we can
* Bob (no relation to the Bob In) has never been on this trip, so we have a "newbie" -- we haven't told him that he's in charge of shining our shoes nightly, giving us shoulder massages, taking care of our clubs, etc.

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