Monday, August 22, 2011

Lawsonia - Day 3

Day 3 we get up and out the door earlier because we're going to have real breakfast at Lawsonia and it's about an hour drive from the Farmhouse. It'll be nice when the construction is over. With limited road construction months in Wisconsin, it takes forever for them. Nice drive towards Green Lake to Lawsonia. It has an impressive entrance gate that I remember.

We're starting with the Woodlands course, followed by the Links. It's chilly enough that we're all wearing sweaters or vests -- and contemplating rain pants! After a day of playing robins and trash for the first time, Tony's still in -- he just is getting fewer strokes than the first day.

The Woodlands starts off pretty straight forward with a par 5 and then meanders us around the woods. The second hole has a quarry and doglegs left severely. I told Tony about the quarry, but not much else because it's a tough layup. Ignorance is bliss and he makes it over and almost pin high. There's this enormous tree next to the green that is impressive. The third hole is a fun little par 3 next to the lake (I made my first birdie on the trip on this hole -- and only birdie). Downhill, narrow, surrounded by bunkers and trees. And, this cool house on the right.  The Woodlands has a lot of trees. Quite a bit of sand. And a lot of dog legs. But pretty playable. The guys have taken a liking to Kristen (sp) the cart girl (who we find out at lunch from the waiter that her sister used to be a cart girl and is dating a football player who was drafted by the Seahawks or Falcons (or?). Tom's not playing well at all and downs a couple of beers and then makes a birdie putt and feels much better about himself. Dave's complaining about his game. I just play. Tony's in it for the practice, the vacation and the scenery and isn't getting too down on himself -- and, the amazing thing is that he's finally bought into the Leinenkugal Summer Shandy and Honey Weiss we are drinking -- and partakes himself in a few beers on the course.

Lunch at the turn on the patio (we think it's enjoyable but a woman comes out to sit on the patio and then goes inside because "it's too hot.") where we have a waiter who is undergoing his "first day." We take it easy on him, enjoy our lunch and then off to the Links. Giving Dave three more shots to stop his "whining." We're not out to destroy anyone's wallet -- just some competitive fun. The Links starts out in howling wind -- Dave makes three pars in a row so he's on a roll. There's this awesome barn on the first couple of holes. Kristen stops by and we get our picture taken with it in the background and tells us that in the Civil War they kept German prisoners there... well, wrong war, but good story. The Links has all kinds of heathery/gorse stuff that you should avoid. And all kinds of bunkers that you should avoid. And plenty of wind that plays with your shots. I'm not hitting well enough for the wind to affect much -- that's what happens when you go on a golf trip like this. But the weather is PERFECT. The scenery is EXCELLENT. The company is AWESOME. So, no complaining! Tom finishes off this course with a birdie on 18 (par 5) to end the trip. We contemplate playing a few more holes until dark and then change our minds and head to the Heidel House for drinks and dinner on the patio with a few of Green Lake (the deepest lake in Wisconsin -- not sure if they counted the Great Lakes or not). According to a plaque Tony read, Green Lake was the first resort town west of Niagara Falls.

Off to the farmhouse for last night before packing up and heading back to Dallas on Monday and getting back to the heat and 100 degree weather (ugh.) It's been a great trip and we've all enjoyed the courses, the hospitality and the Leinenkugal!

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