Saturday, August 20, 2011

Wisconsin Trip

I know, I know. I still  have half of Michigan to blog and here you see Wisconsin. One of the things about blogging, especially on golf travel trips, is that it's better to do day-by-day -- not after the fact. But, with Michigan, internet access at Boyne Creekside wasn't working on my little netbook, so I waited. And, as a result, you're still waiting (well, probably not anxiously). In the meantime, I'm in Wisconsin, sitting at a desk in the Appleton Farmhouse (thank you, in particular, Kim Starr for the accommodations for me, Tony, Tom and Dave.

Yesterday we readily escape 100+ degree weather in Dallas to head to Wisconsin. Thankfully Tony, Tom and I are all upgraded to first class. Not sitting next to each other but who cares. Tony gets a guy with a sling around his arm. I get a "larger" man who takes up a lot of room. Tom gets a guy -- and they pretty much talk the entire flight. In fact, we've landed and Tom and this guy are finally introducing themselves and Tony exclaims: you've been talking for three hours and you've just introduced yourselves???

We get the bags. Tom gets the car. We all hold our breath to see if all of our stuff is going to fit in the car (it did in my Explorer -- barely). Yes! And then off we go to Whispering Springs in Fond du Lac ( It's about an hour and a half from the airport. Nothing eventful once we get past the traffic. Get out of the car, get all of our stuff out and unpacked -- yes, in the middle of the parking lot, without ceremony (Tony expected one). Grab a brat and a beer (BTW Leinenkugal Summer Shandy is pretty much out come August -- it's not summertime anymore as we're told). Hit the range for a few and then off we go.

Whispering Springs is a pretty course with really tricky greens. You're on the wrong side and you can three putt pretty quick (yes, we all did). This is Tony's first golf trip with the group and he's worried that we're going to be all army like the entire time. We think we're playing pretty leisurely. Love looking at the barns and the corn fields right next to the course (instead of hitting balls into the bay, you can hit them into the corn fields!).  I play pretty decent. Dave plays great. Tony is rough on the front and then Tom got him "aligned" and shoots a 48 on the back with at least 3 pars. Considering he's never done one of these trips, sat on a plane and then in a car for half a day -- that's not bad. Tom plays okay on the front but has the rights and his back 9 aren't stellar. I think on Dave and Tom's side bet that Dave won the money. I finish up with a par on the par 5 18 (BTW on your second shot, don't be left -- big tree).

I wouldn't call Whispering Springs links style. Wouldn't call it in the woods. The back nine is reminiscent of Michigan at times. The bunkers have great sand (yes, I was in them). Think it was a great little course to test out.

Then off to the farmhouse for dinner with Darin and Ferko (I finally get to meet the famous Ferko!). Clean up quick and have a nice steak dinner, then some talk and then shut eye. I'm up early this morning and then blogging (pictures to follow since my camera is in my golf bag).

Today is a light day of travel to Royal St. Patricks ( ) and then Eagle Creek ( . Just went on their website and like Forest Dunes, Royal St. Patricks has a bonus hole #19. Nice links style course.

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