Monday, December 17, 2012


Sunday, we play Makaii Golf Club (, down the street from the hotel. Like the Prince course, we had no idea that the Westin butts up to both courses. We could have asked for a golf course view with an ocean view. Oh well. While we're getting ready, it seems so odd that football has already started and it's only 7:00 am. Guess if you're in Hawaii and like football, you either watch early, or DVR and watch it delayed.

Like Prince, we're going to have Makaii to ourselves this morning and can go when we want to. Nice. The marshall says that we're early for the holidays. And, the weather has been pretty bad lately and that has caused people to decide against golf.  The weather is humid, cloudy, but sunny. We get sprinkled on periodically, but it seems like it's just a "random cloud." The views are again, beautiful -- more mountains on the first holes. Easier than the Prince, but still strategic. Eventually wind around to the ocean for beautiful views. And then back. Unlike Pebble Beach, there seems to be more picturesque, water holes (also means that there is even more wind).

Finish our round and were thinking about what we were going to do in the afternoon. Choices:  play the Woods, replay the golf club, go to the beach, go for a drive, hang out at the Westin. When Gary says that we can play the Woods for free. Decision made and we play the Woods. It's more of a muni, but still gorgeous views of the mountains. And the price is right.

After we play, we decide to check out the St. Regis and have a cocktail there. But, their "nice bar" doesn't open until 3:30 pm. And their beach/pool bar is surrounded by kids. Note: the beach at the St. Regis isn't that great. Not what we thought it would be. Glad we decided not to spend the day there because Tony and I would have lasted about 5 minutes. We leave to sit on our balcony at the Westin and watch the chickens and the ocean and hope for a whale sighting. Dinner is Prime Rib Sunday and because of our "eco" signing not to have maid service in our room, we get $20 off of dinner.

Last night here before packing up in the morning and heading to the airport for our long flight home. Been a nice little vacation. Hawaii wasn't quite what I expected, but still pretty special.

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