Monday, December 17, 2012

Day 2: The Prince

12:35 am and I'm up, but convince myself to go back to bed. The magic number is 4:00 am. Doesn't work and at 3:30 am I get up and make coffee. At 4:00 am Tony gets up and we take our coffee to the plunge pool and hot tub next to our building -- in a bit of drizzle -- and loosen up the travel aches with the hot water and jets. Make breakfast and watch the chickens running around.

Get dressed to go for a drive heading "north" -- but guess really west --  to see what may be there. Construction. Lots of one lane bridges. Stop at a little beach and walk in the Pacific.

Then head to the lighthouse that the guide (sorry, Anthony) says you need to visit. It's a lot smaller than we thought, but pretty. We didn't pay the $5 to go on the property. Drive around a little more and then head early to The Prince. Very few cars in the parking lot. Hard to believe for a Top 100 Golf Course in America (#16). They're going to let us go off early at the twilight rate. Lunch at the Tavern where it's confirmed that this course is probably going to eat us up -- lots of OB, lots of danger. Note: even if you're not a golfer, lunch at the Tavern is a good move. Lunch was great (their pomme frites have parmesan on them). Gary, the marshall, takes us to the driving range to warm up. Nice view of the ocean from the driving range.

They tell us it doesn't matter when our tee time is and we can go when we're ready. Nice and relaxing.

Gary lets a single and his wife tee off before us and tells us what not to do. And tells us it's OK to take out a few chickens. Never played golf with chickens before!

The Prince is pretty awesome. Great views. Challenging. Strategic. I shoot 90. Tony 96. Not bad for a course we haven't played -- and the wind is different from Texas wind. But at least we understand wind. I did get pretty eaten up by some sort of plant while looking for a ball in a hazard. But, I came out with mine -- and nine others. Guess that I was one of the few who would venture down that ravine...

Ended up having dinner at the Tavern as well that evening. Making it an "all Prince" kind of day. Nice. Sunday is Makaii Golf Course.

Note: this is on "time delay."

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