Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a Day for Ian Poulter (Live on Twitter)


Ian Poulter is on Twitter (@ianjamespoulter) and you know that it’s Ian tweeting, not some publicist. Some of his posts are pretty comical. Today has not been his day and his fans are helping experience it live as he tries to get back to the United States. If you’re not meant to head out, you’re really not. And it’s clearly true of this day. But, he clearly knows what is the right way to "bash" British Airways without being mean. And he knows that a sincere thank you goes a long way. I don't know how his day will end, but read his posts (if you want the start to now read bottom top).
  • Water still pouring into cabin. Oh dear I don't think we will be taking off today. Hahaha
  • Hahahahaha now water pouring into the first class cabin from upstairs thru the light fitting. Today
  • Ok Ok Doctor Who, please please can I borrow your tardis and put an end to this delay, you can have it back soon. I promise.
  • RT never a G450 around when you need one mate! >> not
  • Will the bags make this 20.00 flight. Jane at will let me know just before take off. Tick tock tick tock.
  • Now taking off to JFK in 30 mins, Good news but probably no baggage. Will I ever see them again... We shall see.
  • Oh boy Ive just been offered an economy seat to Atlanta when I booked a different cabin. Nothing wrong with economy but, $5500 for economy
  • Story gets better i changed off the flight to get the JFK and back onto Atlanta. They gave my seat away . No seat at all now
  • Update have found a plane with 2 Engines and is now taking off at 21.45 to Atalnta. Never ending day. 2 is Better than 1.
  • Please can you release my bags off the engine troubled BA227 to Atalnta. as I'm now on the BA 183 to JFK. I need my clubs
  • This seems to be the problem for de boarding and now hopefully getting to JFK. With or without bags.
  • I might have to change destination and get on the JFK flight. The part for the engine could take 5 hours to repair. Interesting day ahead
  • Ok Ok Doctor Who, please please can I borrow your tardis and put an end to this delay, you can have it back soon. I promise.
  • The most satisfying button in the world is the BLOCK BUTTON. Hahahaha it's regularly pressed and boy does it feel good.
  •  RT do they not know they have a 2 time WGC winner on that plane? >> Safety first. Always takes priority....         
  • RT 747 or the triple 7 >> Engineless 7 more like.
  • Well I'm still tweeting as I'm still on the ground. Engine trouble... Not good news, engineers trying to fix. Oh joy. May May go away.
  • On board with BA to Atlanta then quick home home. Couple of days until I fully erase May from my…

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Liz Kline said...

Well, the good news is that Ian made it home to his family. But, it looks like my praise of how patient he's been through this may be waning. No clubs and he's still waiting for British Airways to contact him. Good luck, Ian.