Friday, July 31, 2015


Boarding pass printed.
Travel golf bag packed.
Suitcase packed except for toiletries and one more sweater (nice to say that after hitting 104 in Dallas yesterday - ONE MORE SWEATER).
Itinerary printed.
Handicap sheet printed.

Saturday: Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor (
Sunday: Boyne's Heather and Arthur Hills
Monday: Boyne Mountain's Monument and Alpine
Tuesday: Black Lake ( ) and Elk Ridge (
Wednesday (Liz's Day): Bay Harbor
Thursday: Otsego Tribute and Classic ( - New to the rotation
Friday: Arcadia Bluffs (
Saturday: Pilgrim's Run ( - New to the rotation

Notice that the temps are in the 70s the entire time. Take that Dallas. I even see a low of 48 one day.

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