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Liz’s Day at Bay Harbor: The Glamorous Life (Sheila E)

It’s hard to find a song to title for each day I found -- if I want to read the lyrics. Just the song title works. But, since this is now the "80s Title Michigan trip," I’ll still go there. Guess I could also go with Madonna's "Material Girl."

Bay Harbor day is so special (why it's called Liz's Day). We already ditched Elk Ridge and Black Lake so we wouldn't get rained out.

The day begins with a rendezvous with Frank out front of the Lodge to head over to Sagamore’s at the Inn at Bay Harbor. Our cabin is running late (as usual) and the others get worried. Ron calls me. Pete calls Tom. Off we go. Relatively leisurely breakfast at Sagamore’s (could have taken the entire bowl of raspberries with me). Then drive over to Bay Harbor to check in and get warmed up. They have a nice practice area even though it is on the small side for a driving range and it’s pretty stacked up. They also have a really nice ladies locker room that I always use to change my shoes. And, to gush more about Bay Harbor -- their pro shop. Definitely worth a shopping trip (yes, I realize the girl in me has just come out).

Since it’s my day, I get to choose the foursomes both rounds. It’s me driving Ron and Frank driving Tom in the morning. Frank and I are playing the whites and Ron and Tom the blues. Ron’s up in the air about what tee boxes and keeps staring at the score card.

Morning is Quarry/Preserves and Frank gets off to a hot start with a poley par (missing, but not missing, trash this week -- saving me money potentially, but it does make you try a little harder on certain shots). I make a gimmee birdie on the par 3 number two, before we head into the Quarry for the rest of the round.

Weather chilly, but perfect. Views are wonderful. The third hole is tricky if you don’t hit a good first or second shots, since it’s a sharp right hand turn to the green over “stuff.” I manage to make it over the stuff, but into more stuff on the left. Ron hits the cart path and Tom saves it as it rolls down the path, potentially into some stuff. The fifth hole is another par 5 with a hard dogleg left. If you take enough of the dogleg out, it’s a pretty short hole. That’s what Tom does for his first eagle of the day. The rest of us play it like a par 5 -- stopping and checking out the swans with the baby swan along the way (I had never seen a baby swan before -- looks like a regular swan. Guess I’ve been reading/watching too much about the Ugly Duckling and didn’t know what to expect). Beer cart shows up on five, but since Cory is yelling after her, we send her to them first. She didn’t come back to us, though and we finish out the Quarry, ending at the ninth, right next to the clubhouse. I get a par on that hole. Head to the Preserves, which is a drive around and through some of the houses that are just amazing, with amazing views. While the Preserves isn't one of the famous of the nines, Ron and I really like it. It's lush. The holes are nice. While it's not as scenic as Quarry or Links, there's no reason I wouldn't want to play it every day. And, it does end on a par 3 next to the water.

I don’t know what it is about Bay Harbor -- but I even play well there. Shoot an 85 the first round, from the whites. I’ll move up to the reds my next round since it’s just more relaxing to enjoy myself rather than care about yardage.

Lunch on the patio you can’t beat. And then the next round -- I’ve put me, Tom, Jeff and Paul together, since Jeff and Paul haven’t played here before and we want their reaction. We’re playing the Links/Quarry, the 18 that is the more “known” of the three rotations. Jeff thinks it’s really hard and doesn‘t seem to be in love with it (he also didn‘t seem to care about the baby swan -- a lot like Pete in the respect of not stopping to smell the roses). Paul likes it. Tom hits balls into Lake Michigan as is part of the tradition. I like watching it, but don’t really care to do it anymore. Takes too much energy to hit more balls than I have to.

Not sure exactly about the group in front of us, but there has to be booze involved when Cory starts chasing geese. I'll admit I did it on an earlier hole (Tom eagled that hole, again). Would have been worth some video footage.


Bay Harbor day isn’t completely over, with us packing it up and heading to Mancinos, a little pizza place for dinner. It’s still like herding drunk cats to get people moving so we end up making decisions for them. Cheese bread, pepperoni pizza, a BBQ chicken pizza (Tom) and a Mancino’s special with veggies and meat. Pete orders his own sausage pizza since I guess he doesn’t speak up or let everyone else know what he wants. Good call on pizza -- except maybe Tom’s pizza which only went over well with Frank and Tom -- the rest weren’t too keen on chicken on pizza.

They had some arcade games and I gave the guys 50 cents apiece to play. Pete took out some frustration with the hunting game. Tom, the backer, thought that this young man, Steve, would have better luck at getting him a rubber ball.

Then to Boyne Lodge to get ice cream -- but we find we miss it by 7 minutes because it closes at 9 pm. Off to the cabin and to bed. We realize that we tee off at 730 am on the Donald Ross Memorial course -- meaning we have to leave by 545 am to get to the Highlands (stopping at 7-11 on the way), have breakfast, check in and get warmed up. Getting 8 people instead of 4 is a little (well, more than a little) challenging.

"The Glamorous Life" (Sheila E)

She wears a long fur coat of mink
Even in the summer time
Everybody knows from the coy little wink
The girl's got a lot on her mind

She's got big thoughts, big dreams
And a big brown Mercedes sedan
What I think this girl, she really wants
Is to be in love with a man

She wants to lead
The Glamorous Life
She don't need a man's touch
She wants to lead
The Glamorous Life
Without love
It ain't much

She saw him standing in the section marked,
"If you have to ask you can't afford it" lingerie
She threw him bread and said make me scream
In the dark what could he say

Boys with small talk and small minds
Really don't impress me in bed
She said I need a man's man baby
Diamonds and furs
Love would only conquer my head


They made haste in the brown sedan
They drove to 55 Secret street
They made love and by the seventh wave
She knew she had a problem
She thought real love is real scary
Money only pays the rent
Love is forever that's all your life
Love is heaven sent -- it's glamorous

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