Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Liz's Day, All Day: Bay Harbor

If you go back through my blog, you’ll definitely see that I like Bay Harbor. I don’t know who couldn’t. It’s a special day for me, from breakfast until we get back. Breakfast is at Sagamores in the Inn. It’s still the standard buffet, omelet station. They have cherries this year, so I’m even happier. We get there early and head out back. There’s a mink running along the patio (along with his family who show up later). Waves breaking so it may be breezy today. Get seated, get eating. There is this gentleman who shows up and sits outside and eats breakfast by himself. We wonder who he is because everyone seems to know him and come talk to him and hug him when he leaves. Tom thinks he is “Mr. Bay Harbor.” That would be fine if he invited us to stay at his house. We’d be good caretakers (we end up finding out that he is a leading neurologist with his main practice in Birmingham, Michigan, Dr. Cahen (sp) from his vanity plate on his truck, but our waiter at lunch filled us in. He also ate dinner at 17 that evening so is pretty social).
We’re playing Links/Quarry in the morning and then Quarry/Preserves in the afternoon. After warming up on the driving range and hitting a few chips on the nice chipping area, we start off on the Links. This is a great first thing in the morning, with the sun just up and the blue, blue water, with dew on the grass (if I were a poet, I’d write something more poetic). Paul and I start off as teams and redeem ourselves after that beating we had at Alpine a couple of days ago.
Pete is not having a good round. And, unlike the rest of us, Pete does not drink beer. He doesn’t really drink on the golf course (but needs to). Paul isn’t having a good round either (probably due to lack of echo), but is enjoying himself because of the views (and the beer). I, of course, am having a wonderful time and playing well and enjoying my day.
Lunch on the patio and you can’t go wrong before our afternoon round. Again, it’s my day and I play well. Pete, it’s not his day and it’s not going to be his day. He needs a drink. Which, he participates in at the end of the second round on the patio (and purchases said round of drinks after we discussed how many clubs were thrown that day – we also learned the important difference between flipping and tossing and throwing…). Over drinks, we discover:
Paul has never watched:
Stripes or Caddyshack
Tom says he’s going to have a movie watching, popcorn eating marathon for Paul since he hasn’t lived if he hasn’t seen Stripes or Caddyshack. We also end up discovering that Paul hasn’t seen most of the classic movies we would think EVERYONE has seen (or should). I think this could involve a week long sleepover.
That night, dinner at the dock at 17, outside on the patio. Quite nice. We get a couple of drinks and wine into Pete and he relaxes a bit and talks it up. Always sad when Bay Harbor day ends for me.
harbor for dinner (the boat on the right is pretty cool, with lots of wood)

with a drink, or two, in him, finally get a smile out of pete

a much needed drink after the day for pete

guaranteed that matt, tom's son, will be snagging this hoodie from bay harbor

morning at the links in bay harbor

obligatory golf ball hitting into the lake

evil par 5 (in my opinion) at the quarry -- I finally made par this year and finished the hole (think: straight drive, straight second, go over gully/quarry on third shot - HARD dogleg right)

view from the patio of quarry last, at lunch

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