Sunday, August 02, 2015

Settling in: Day 1 Complete (Harbor Shores)

K. It’s officially day 2. Sitting on the floor at the townhouse, listening to golf, stretching, drinking coffee, uploading photos to snapfish, running hot water for a soak in the tub. Think Tom is up. Someone upstairs. Let’s see if I can be closer to live on this year’s blog.

Day 1: Tony (thank you) takes me and Tom to the airport. This time Love Field since we’re flying Southwest to Midway. Didn’t realize how busy the airport would be for a 6:45 am departure, but clearly there is some LUV at Love. Paul and Peter are already in the check in line (we know because Pete’s called me and when I didn’t answer, Tom). Off through security. Love Field is really pretty sweet and I’ll see myself flying out of there more often now that the Wright Amendment has been lifted.

Tom, Paul and I are in group A. Actually in the same grouping. Pete waited until the airport so he’s in C. Paul will save him a seat. Uneventful flight even though by not switching seats, the woman next to me is split up. Get on earlier. Tom and I start our vacation with a Summer Shandy at 7:30 am.

Land. Pete’s mom is dropping off her car for the week. Bit worried that everything will fit. But, bags all make it. And all (barely) make it in). Off we head to Harbor Shores in Benton Harbor. We think we have plenty of time, but never underestimate the traffic in the area and it’s not moving. We’re going to be slamming into the clubhouse (typical for round 1 in Michigan).

But, we get there, in time for Oberon (Coors for Paul) and wraps (too much mayo – but Tom and I split because there are hot dogs at 6), a few range balls. Time for golf.

Harbor Shores hosts the PGA Championship that Colin Montgomerie won. And will again in 2016. It’s pretty special – links style, kind of. Resort style, kind of. Lots of great artwork on the holes (think metal and stained glassed themed tribute artwork). We’re off.

First hole doesn’t prove to be solid for any of us. Doubles (and triple for me). Not a good way to start, but probably not our worst (we’re playing robins with trash). The second is a “cute” par 3 with lots of stuff between the tee boxes and the greens. I think only Tom hit the green. But, I use putter off the edge and hole it for a polie (or chippie) birdie (and win). Now we’re talking.

Tom and I are remembering the course as we play, but not necessarily in a good way: I remember doublebogeying that hole. I remember not finishing that hole. Last time we played, we only made it through 13 holes so we’re hoping to get it all in. It’s a great course with wonderful greens (even though they are silly at times. Dunes all around, but trees as well. I found some blackberries along the way (note: blackberries grow where you shouldn’t hit it).

There are three holes that you’re not supposed to drink on, because it’s in a park (holes 7-9). These holes we also got lost in trying to get there.

We finish the day with five total birdies. A number of polies. And then a long drive up to Boyne Highlands. A long drive. Stopping at Arby’s on the way (believe it or not, the same one we stopped at last time). Passing Cadillac, where we stayed and played El Dorado. Passing Boyne Mountain (booked for four bedrooms). Passing Bob In Again (Monday, it’s calling). Check in is uneventful. Finding the townhouse, not as easy.

We like the Mountain Cabins the best. But, it’s tough to get four BR, three bathrooms for us. I do like the Alpines though because I don’t get that dysfunctional shower that I can’t shave my legs in. I get a bathtub (which was just put to use). I’ll move my laptop to the kitchen after today because typing on the floor probably isn’t great for the back.

Day 2: Heather, and then Arthur Hills. Let’s have the rain hold off.




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