Thursday, August 25, 2016

Returning to Knoxville

In a week, Tony and I will be back on the road to Knoxville. Sans crutches this time. Hopefully without any injuries and incidents. This time, we're trailer-ing the Route 20 to 59 to 75 route to Knoxville, heading through Louisiana and Alabama and then up to Tennessee. As I was looking at a map, realized how close we'll be to Atlanta.

Because I didn't get to do my Michigan golf trip, realizing that 13 rounds of golf in a week only 6 weeks after knee surgery wasn't going to cut it, we quickly started looking at dates to go back to Knoxville.

Right now, we're trying to plan out the trip. Al and Eileen bought a trike, pretty much the week after we left last time. Mike and Susan are coming along as well. Base camp will be at Al and Eileen's in Knoxville.

A folder is started and looking at dates. The challenge is that we'll be there over Labor Day weekend, causing more traffic on the roads we want to visit. Which means probably fewer bear sighting opportunities.

* Tail of the Dragon: this is a must. And, we think we missed the end of the tail last time.
* I want to cross Kentucky off my "States I've Ridden" list (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, South Dakota, Tennessee, North Carolina), and think that a ride to and around Cumberland Falls (the "Niagara of the South") may be the ticket.
* Eileen sent a ride to Cades Cove (between Marysville and Gatlinberg), an 11-mile route with lots of wildlife (BEARS!) --
* Devil's Triangle: now we're not sure of this, since we heard that part of the road isn't in great shape.

Looking forward to a crutchless experience this time.

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