Friday, October 20, 2006

Better Made Pretzels

A few years ago, while playing our week of golf in Michigan, we made a wonderful discovery by accident: Better Made Butter Braided Pretzels. The best, butteriest, crunchiest pretzels you could imagine -- and Tom, Jason and I didn't discover them until the last round of golf when I opened up the bag. We were hooked.

The following year, we bought them the first night we were there and I vowed to remember the brand so that we could try to track them down. Of course, we didn't. Ditto for the third year.

2006 comes and I unfortunately wasn't going to Michigan because of Sturgis. But, Jason had instructions to bring back some pretzels. He lives up to his promise and brings back a bag (or two or three) of Better Made Butter Braided Pretzels (or as Ron calls them "popcorn pretzels")

On the back of the bag, they have a URL: -- with a store. But you can't order them online, so I email. Donna Seder is great and emails me back that I can order them over the phone: 313.925.4774 x 100. You get 5 bags of the 12 oz size for $12.95 plus shipping.

Today, I finally ordered them. They ship on Monday so I should have them for next weekend's round of golf.


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