Monday, October 16, 2006

Woodbridge Takes the Gold Cup

Last weekend, Woodbridge (my home course) played Plantation in a Gold Cup Tournament (read: Ryder Cup, but for copyright purposes, we probably had to be original and come up with our own "original" name). Practice round Friday. Best Ball and Alternate Shot matches on Saturday, Sunday Match Play. I know I'm boring you non-golfers, so you can just skip this blog.

Friday was practice round at Plantation, a course I've never played. Playing from the Whites (aka Old Mens Tees), I quickly discovered I had NO ADVANTAGE off the tee. Also discovered that there is a lot of OUT OF BOUNDS. Another good thing to know.

Then we had the Skills Challenge -- long drive in a grid and putting. We were trounced. But, last year we won the skills challenge and then didn't win the Gold Cup.

Appetizers (read: fried chicken tenders, fried chicken wings, fried mozzarella, fried onion rings) and cold icy beverages followed with introductions to the teams. Great group of guys. They all seemed much younger (sorry, guys!) than our team.

Saturday morning, I try on my my uniform shirt (buttercream on Saturday, baby blue on Sunday), not so sure I'll be able to fit into men's small shirts. While a nice thought that Eric thought I could fit into a small, not sure it'll fit in the boobs. It does fit, kinda. But, thankfully it's chilly so I put on my black turtleneck and head to Plantation (note to Laura: I also put on mascara and tinted sunblock). Keith and I are playing Best Ball. I've brought "extra smokes."

We're the 3rd group off after Ron and Frank and Garrett and AK. Gary and Tom are behind us. Playing with Dennis and some guy that Jason called "Jukebox." Who's Jason to talk -- we call him "Radio." Jukebox starts off his morning with a double Jack and Coke in the clubhouse at 7am and they have beers already in the cart. Should be fun at least.

Keith and I were off to a really, really rough start and were 4 down real quickly. We finally settled down and played steady, no blood golf. Make the turn and both Keith and I started playing better, or rather, smarter. Hear that Ron and Frank are winning. Garrett and AK losing. Gary is playing lights out (better than his practice round). Rest of the matches pretty close. We know we need to wake up. We win 10. A birdie on 14 helped, net eagle. Now we're only 2 down. 17 and 18 -- 2 down, 2 to go. 17 is a par three. I'm having some "issues" with their par 3s because they are a lot longer than Woodbridge. But, I'm liking my 7 iron so I hit that. Make par and win the hole (it didn't hurt that our partners didn't fare so well). And now there are lots of people from both teams watching. Great..... spectators.

Last hole. One down. One to play. The 18th hole has a carry over water and water ALL OF THE WAY DOWN THE LEFT SIDE. I tend to like the left side, so I begged Keith to help us out. He hits it OB into some backyard. But, Dennis managed to hit his drive left of left into someone's house on the other side of the water. Somehow, I managed not to duck hook, shank, banana slice my tee ball and hit my drive into the middle of the fairway. Use my 7 iron to just in front of the green (I like my 7 iron). Make putt for par and All Square the match. Pretty intense. I need a beer.

Second round is Alternate Shot and I'm not playing that afternoon, so I get to ride in the cart with an opposing team member. He has LOTS of beer and we end up consuming LOTS of beer while riding around, taking a few photos with Pete's camera and watching the rounds. Again, drinking LOTS of beer. Woodbridge ends the day ahead 6 1/2 to 5 1/2 going into Sunday. A bunch of beers consumed, the guys are concerned about my driving home (I'm not), so I get to follow Tom closer to home. He's worried that my lead foot will get me in trouble. I make it home safe.

Sunday, wake up and it's pouring. We're not playing until 12noon and the weather isn't looking promising. I'm now happy that I'm not playing "golf that counts" on Sunday because I don't particularly like playing with a cart cover, wet clothes, wet clubs. Call me a girl, but it's just no fun. And it wasn't for anyone. Advantage Woodbridge. And we weren't wearing those silly knickers that Plantation was wearing. Woodbridge wins our first five matches and then our seventh match so everyone could go in. Pretty cool to win the Gold Cup.

Wait until 2008.

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