Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Van Break In

Saturday, 9/31, I head to the golf course, as usual. This time I have to shove 10 pills down Maggie's throat for her eye infection, hot spots, etc. Poor baby. Not a great round at all. But, I'm playing from the white (aka old men) tees until after the Ryder Cup tournament and then the Dallas Morning News Club Champion Tournament (if I might brag, I came in second in the second flight of the Woodbridge Golf Club Championship and first in the women's flight to represent the club. I'm more proud of the former than the later since I'm the women's club champion by default, not for winning). So, time to try to get some semblance of a game. Get done at least 45 minutes before the next group and Tony's already calling about going for a ride. I bolt and he tells me his van has been broken into again. This is the third time and he's not a happy camper. I know I live in the "hood" but it's really a pretty decent neighborhood. Things like this give it a bad rap and now we're trying to figure out what to do.

So, today I went online and ordered: 1. solar powered motion sensor flood lights (figure that would be easy to install) 2. wireless receiver to receive notifications of intruders 3. two motion sensor outdoor "things" to detect "intruders" (read: squirrels, rats, possuums, and hopefully mean people trying to break into vehicle. I'll tell you how this goes.

The neighbors are also suggesting a multitude of other things requiring moving the fence line and installing an automatic gate with extra lighting to keep mean people from breaking into our house. By changing the fence line, they could look into the back yard at our mean ferocious animals that will attack on command. I'll tell you how this goes as well, since it involves: 1. pricing 2. certificate of appropriateness from the historic district 3. paving the driveway 4. moving fenceline 5. installing automatic solar powered fence.

We'll go with the easy solution first and hope for the second one sometime early 2007.

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