Monday, May 28, 2007

Pebble Beach -- Day One

Unlike Sturgis, our Pebble Beach blog isn't in "real time." Too much to do to want to blog (and I didn't have wireless so I couldn't blog on the patio overlooking the 18th.

First, I cannot begin this blog thinking about Arthur, who was having back surgery the very day of this vacation sponsored by Eisenberg And Associates. I feel a little guilty getting ready to head out to Pebble Beach for something I've wanted to do for a long, long time. But, I also know that Arthur wouldn't want me to be moo-mooey or worried -- his surgery will go fine, he'd say -- and I need this break. So, I turned off my cell phone and decided to enjoy the vacation.

Our adventure begins bright and early on Thursday morning with a 755 am flight. But, with the time change, we're going to have all day Thursday in California. No problems at the airport or with the flight. The San Jose airport rental car pick up is not a fun adventure.

Off we go to Santa Cruz. Heard it was the Coney Island of California, but they had a Harley dealership, and we figured we could grab lunch. Yes, it was the Coney Island of California, but we were able to eat on the boardwalk. And hear the sea lions bark. More later on the sea lions.

Not much else to to in Santa Cruz, so we turned on Monica (my name and Arthur's for the Neverlost system on the Hertz rental car) to head to Pebble Beach. On Route 1, we see all kinds of produce farms -- artichokes, strawberries, kale -- and the CHERRIES! Of course, when we see the sign for $1 per basket, we pull over. Perfect place to pull over too, because we also had our first glimpse of sea lions, over near the fishing dock. The cherries were yummy.

Route 1 takes us right into Monterrey, where we stop and buy some refreshments for our room -- figuring that we would want a cocktail after our golf, or in the evening, and that Pebble Beach hospitality bar may be a little "pricey." We asked the lady at the store the prettiest way to get to Pebble Beach and off we went. Monterrey is a pretty little town filled with B&Bs. You could tell that it may get pretty touristy. But the ride up the coast is great and we see -- and hear -- plenty of sea lions. What we quickly named "Maggies." They just lay around and sun, just like Maggie. Not very active. HUGE. And when the talk, you could think that Maggie would sound just like them. In fact, she's laying in the hallway as I write, looking like one of them.

The coast road -- I believe Ocean Drive -- dumped us at the gate to 17-Mile Drive. They charge $9 for a pass. We paid, and then asked if we had to pay because we were guests. Nope. They printed a little Liz Kline pass for our stay. But, as we pulled away from the gate, we realized we didn't get our $$ back, and we turned around. 17-Mile Drive is all along the coast. It's pretty chilly and foggy, so excuse that all of my photos look dark and dreary. It was foggy -- and chilly -- our entire stay. Drive by the Inn at Spanish Bay. Then past Spyglass, where we'll play on Saturday. Then Cypress, the private club and I hear we would want to play. The houses along this area and enormous -- some modest -- but the views are spectacular.

We pull over at the Lone Cypress, along with a tour buss. Amazing that it's 270 years old -- they can live until they are around 300. At this point, it's being wired up to support it from the winds and the elements. This is the logo for Pebble Beach -- live.
And then we reach Pebble Beach. They tease you by driving you past the Lodge to another entrance that takes you by the Spa and the Tennis Club, and past a couple of holes. We pull up to check in and are greeted and escorted in. We check in and someone asks us to follow you in a golf cart to our room. What I didn't know about the Lodge is that it's a resort, not just one building. It has a series of buildings for guests. I have been told that our room is right on the 18th. And we do. We have a beautiful view of the 18th green -- even though two trees block our view of the pin. Our room is on the second floor, with a balcony and a fireplace.

We -- rather I -- unpack. I can't not put everything away as soon as I get somewhere. Tony is more relaxed about that. We have a cocktail and sit on the balcony and watch players play into the 18th. Neither of us can remember those two trees next to the fairway. We're both relieved that there are a whole bunch of hacks on the course.
Dinner at the Tap Room and then fire in the fireplace and listening to the water. We're teeing off at 9 am on Friday. Both of us are excited -- and a bit nervous. This is PEBBLE BEACH!

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