Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sacred Heart Diet - Prep Time, Day 1 and Day 2

I know that after all of the grocery shopping and preparation to get ready for this Sacred Heart Diet that there was NO WAY that I was going to cheat -- Tony, not 100% sure of, but we'll see.

Sunday, got up and went grocery shopping for the soup and the week. Figured that I'd make the soup, cut up fruits and veggies and put into containers so that it'd be easy not to cheat. A whole grocery cart of "healthy goodness." Two hours later and the soup is ready and our fridge is packed with little Ziploc bags of fruits and veggies. Soup doesn't sound so bad. Tony and I went for a ride to the Dallas Farmers Market (we'll definitely have to go back there) and then to JPepe's for our "LAST MEAL" -- and adult beverages -- for the week. Sangria Swirls and Chimichangas -- yum.

Monday is fruit day. I'm excited about fruit day because I love fruit. And, we can eat all of the soup we want. I take a personal day to do some errands with Tony and we also visit Central Market to look for some different kinds of fruits and veggies (Walmart isn't stocked with variety). Dinner we have soup and for dessert a nice fruit bowl. We're surprisingly full and made it through Day 1.

Tuesday is veggie day. They said lots of green leafy veggies, but we decided veggies were good enough. Breakfast of champions with carrots and cukes. Lunch of soup and radishes and cukes. Tony wasn't feeling so good, but was a trooper and felt better after a big bowl of broccoli. Of course, all we can think of for Day 2 is the BIG BAKED POTATO with BUTTER we get to have with dinner. Dinner is soup (again) and a salad (no dressing) and the potato. We were both so stuffed that we couldn't even eat our entire potato. Bad thing about Day 2 is that nothing really tastes like dessert...

Day 3 is Fruit and Veggie Day! We've made it through two days, five to go. We've also emptied the trash more since Sunday and run the dishwasher since we started this diet.

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