Friday, June 18, 2010

Planning for Wisconsin

In case any of you have wondered how we plan our annual Michigan golf trip, here's the direction we head. Tom has always been our "Julie" (for those who are too young, Julie is the cruise director from the Love Boat). He and I often converse prior to an email like he sent below (partially because he and I have gone on most of the trips; also possibly because I'm a control freak). Pete and Dave are virgins to the trip, so we need to set the framework.

Here's Tom's email:

Wisconsin Campers:

Those of you with A.D.D. still read through this.....

Except for our last golf day (Friday 6th), I have put together a tentative itenerary which I am going to try and book as early as today. IF THERE ARE ANY OBJECTIONS TO ANY OF THIS PLEASE TRY AND GET BACK TO ME BEFORE NOON TODAY.

Liz and Dave both have suggested we play Erin Hills, north of Milwaukee and sight of the 2017 US Open. After a major renovation, it opens the day we arrive, Sat. July 31st. It looks great on the website and unless we end up playing crazy expensive private clubs on Friday, it will be the most expensive round (by far) of the trip at $160 plus approximately $85 for the caddy....NOTE-ESPECIALLY PETE...ERIN HILLS IS WALKING ONLY AND YOU EITHER CARRY YOUR BAG OR TAKE A CADDY...NO PULL CARTS. It is apparently pretty difficult and very much a links-style course. Interesting article (it may scare you) at

It will be difficult to play twice on arrival day and get to Pete's house at a decent hour (original idea was to play University Ridge outside Madison on the way to Hancock). Also, Liz has a strong desire/need to see the Harley-Davidson place (they have a VERY highly rated museum) both for herself and Tony (Dave-Tony is Liz's boyfriend and a longtime Harley owner). I have owned three Harleys myself and think going to the museum would be very cool as well. Therefore, subject to strong objection from anyone, the plan is to land in MKE, go eat breakfast, go to the HD Museum in central Milwaukee (Dave would look SOOOOO cute in a black HD t-shirt! and full leathers!!), have lunch and then play Erin Hills, which is about 40 minutes north. It is then about 2 hours to Pete's house.

The rest of the week would look like this (assuming I get the tee times I want):

AM PM Comments

Sun Lake Arrowhead Pines Lake Arrowhead Lakes About 35 min drive from the house close to Wisconsin Rapids. 1st round $67 and second (twilight) is $39

Mon Northern Bay ($60 before 9am) Sentry World ($75) Long day to play 2 top-ranked WI courses. 45 min to NB and 1:15 to Sentry (Steven's Point) back thru Hancock

Tue University Ridge OPEN (**need decision) Univ Ridge is the top-ranked public course in WI & 1:30 from house. Tue is $79 unlimited play & includes buffet lunch

Wed Wild Rock ($89) Trappers Turn ($65 twilite) Courses are within a few min. of each other in Wisconsin Dells, about 1hr from house. Both on Golf Dig. best to play

Thurs Lawsonia Woodlands Lawsonia Links(many awards) Ranked #55 by Golfweek,in Green Lake 1 hr from the house. All day play is $105 w/cart.

Then we drive a little over an hour to Liz's vendor's [Appleton Coated Paper, thanks to Kim Starr] house (which Liz got us for FREE!!) outside Appleton. Supposedly the house comes with a CHEF to cook us dinner!!

Fri TBD TBD Talking to Liz's new "freind" about which courses best to play in Appleton/Oshkosh/Green Bay. Trying for private clubs

**NEED A DECISION-do we want to try and play another Madison-area course on Tuesday, play University Ridge again (incl in one price) or be tourists/relax??

DAVE/PETE....we have found in the past that it works great for one person to pay for ALL the meals, ice cream, snacks, ice cream, booze and ice cream. We will each give Liz $300 on Day 1 ($1200 total kitty) from which she will pay everything and keep a running total. If/when whe runs out, we will each put in $100-$200 more depending on how fast we are burning/drinking through it (Dave likes good scotch and Liz likes wine). If one person is drinking/eating more than anyone else, he/she would be expected to put in a little more but we do not make a big deal out of it. Last year, one of our guys liked REALLY good wine and he paid for it himself outside the kitty although we all drank it.

I have a minivan reserved for the entire week for $600.

I estimate the costs for each of us as follows:

Housing FREE!!!!!
Golf $1075...$825 for what is planned, assuming we all use caddies at Erin Hills (which I think is great fun!). Assume $100-$125/round on Friday for private club golf, less if we go public
Van $150 each
Ice Cream $450...includes all that other, booze, snacks....but who cares? Could be less if we are always too tired to eat (NEVER too tired for ice cream...sometimes that is dinner)

Total Basics $1675


Gas ??
HD T-shirt $30
Dave's leathers $800
Strip Club $2000.....Wisconsin softball players!!....Yum!!!
Club Repair $200...put this in for Pete....Dave, you never played with Pete but he throws/breaks one or two clubs/putters a round
Emergency Room $ of us will get hit by Pete's club
Therapy $500...we will all need it after living together for a week

Please respond as soon as you can on any objections, suggestions, and a decision on Tuesday afternoon. We leave six weeks from tomorrow.

Your faithful tour guide,


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