Thursday, June 10, 2010

NIRI National 2010

OK, another NIRI National over. I believe this was #10 for me going to National. I know I now have a 10+ Year Member ribbon to wear. Hopefully they don't have a 20+ Year Member ribbon. As usual, it was great reconnecting with people I only see once a year at National. It's beginning to feel like a family reunion of sorts. We comfortably catch up and reminisce.

And golf. This time, Coronado with Jason, Brian, Bruce and Nick (who caught up on the second hole). Coronado is a muni. They let us play as five. The pace was as slow as you could get for a Saturday. But the company was great, so we didn't mind. A nice comfortable track to start off the conference. Golf tournament at Grand Del Mar with fore caddies. We had two in our group and while we didn't come in first or second, we met our objective: beat Weeks, Roop, Andy and Ken. Awesome course (Phil Mickelson plays there). Monday was Aviara because a slot opened up. Aviara is BEAUTIFUL. And Glen, the starter, after telling me where all of the restroom areas were (that was very important to him), caught up with us later and gave us tootsie pops. The little things that make you smile. We ended Tuesday at Salt Creek Golf Club ( A great track, but I think the economy has made them slow down on the maintenance. Greens were in great shape, but the rest was a little beat up. I still recommend it.

And socializing. Saturday we had some BBQ at the Top Gun bar across the street from the Manchester Grand. Not great, but great company. Sunday was the opening reception, followed by the Texas mixer, followed by Georgeson. Of course the highlight was Georgeson! Monday was more gathering. Tuesday the same. Not much sleep, but great company, at NIRI National.

And, important note: I did attend a session this conference. Of course I had to hear Ken Janke, AFLAC and Andy Backman, iStar Financial speak. Of course we showed up five minutes late, in our golf outfits and flip flops, with my clubs parked outside the entrance. But, great topic.

Headed home on Wednesday. Now I can't wait until NIRI Southwest Regional, in New Orleans, August 18-20. Get to catch up again with old friends.

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