Monday, April 28, 2014

Day 5: Boyne's Hills/Ross and iPhone Adventure Continued

GOING BACK IN TIME AND POSTING SOME DRAFTS. WILL HAVE TO FIND PHOTOS LATER. GETTING GEARED UP FOR 2014 MICHIGAN GOLF TRIP AND TRYING TO GET CURRENT. Since we only got in 8 holes before the heavy rain on Day 7 at the Heather course this morning, I'm trying to catch up on the missing days. Still will have to populate with photographs after the fact. Here's Day 5. I'd call Day 5 Tom's day since the Arthur Hills course is one of his favorites on the trip and always on the rotation. Breakfast at the Highlands and then off to warm up and get on the course. We're the first off on the tee box and have the course to ourselves it seems. Cool, not too breezy. Dew on the grass. Nice way to start off the morning wearing a sweater. I'm driving Bob around this day, and Robert gets Tom. We switch it up once in a while so that two people don't have to ride together the entire trip. The Hills starts off pretty simple on the first two holes and then you reach the third, with sand all of the way down the right on your first shot. Then down the left on your second. Then in front and on the sides and back on your third. Pretty good sandie opportunities abound. Finish up on the Hills and lunch is up on the patio at the club. Bob is thinking about taking the afternoon off, but is on the fence. On way up, he grabs his phone and says he'll make a few calls and may be in for the afternoon on the Ross (you probably are reading where I am going, don't you?). We're on stone steps and yes, "he who shall remain nameless" drops said new iPhone on the stone... nothing is said and we head up to lunch, not really wanting to find out if it's destroyed, knicked or functioning. Lunch and Bob naps on the patio (as he is good at). After lunch, head to the carts to gear up for the Ross. We're not sure if Bob is playing or not. Whether he's going to be heading back to the Verizon store or not. He comes up and says he's in. Phone has a cracked screen but is functioning. Whew. You can get that repaired pretty inexpensively in Dallas. Ross is a tough course. A really tough course that always seems to play uphill, not downhill. On the fourth hole, we see a mama turkey with her seven babies. Tom follows them into the woods and gets about 10 feet from them. Mama standing on a ProV1. Done with Day 5. Day 6 is the Mountain, Alpine and Monument courses. Lunch in the meadow.

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