Monday, April 28, 2014

Planning 2014 Michigan Golf Trip

OK, I know I haven’t blogged all year. And, realized that I didn’t even finish last year’s golf blog. And, remembered that I need to make sure I bring a working camera this year since that was the cause of not publishing. So, just randomly posted a few old postings. Didn't even proofread them. But, oh well. I haven’t been on any big golf trips, or any trips, this year to blog about. Well, Michigan is getting locked and loaded for our annual golf trip. And this year, while not 100% certain, may have 8 people, two groups: Tom (ProV1, Julie), Me (the Princess), Bob (Daigle), Pete (the Grump), Ron (the Seagull), Frank (the French Poodle who can't wear his smelly stuff on the trip), Paul (the PMS -- his initials), and an 8th to fill in. Dates: Saturday, August 9 – Saturday, August 16 Itinerary: Fly in to Traverse City, Michigan, drive to Forest Dunes in Roscommon, play a round, drive to Boyne Mountain to stay at the Creekside Cottages (hot tubs and four BR, three bath). Courses Planned: Forest Dunes (they just had opening day on Friday) Bay Harbor, Links, Quarry, Preserves Alpine Monument Hills Ross Hidden River Crooked Tree The Moor Heather Trying to use social media to get us back on True North, which went private. You can stay there to play, but we’ll be staying at Boyne Mountain. Looks like Forest Dunes may be able to help us out on that front. I wonder if Logan from Boyne Mountain will be there to check us in like he has before. Boyne still has snow on their slopes. Bay Harbor opening day is in 8 days. Bob In Again's summer hours start up in 3 days. Thinking of Oberon beer, ice cream, Vernor's, Buttermade Butter Braided Pretzels. Barefoot golf. More golf.

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