Monday, April 28, 2014

Liz's Day at Bay Harbor (Robert's surprised)

BACK FROM 2013 GOLF TRIP. Tuesday, if you've been reading my blogs in the past, is MY day -- Bay Harbor Day. One of the main reasons I come back year after year and subject my body to 36 holes of golf a day (yes, there are plenty of others). My favorite day from beginning til end. This year, we head from the Highlands and don't even stop at 7-11. Right to Sagamores for breakfast (mushroom, swiss and sausage omelet made by the same gentleman as last year). Now they have Seattles Best Coffee instead of Starbucks, which makes me happy. Then to Bay Harbor where we unload and get ready. Begin our practice session with some chipping games (this is where Tom learned to chip, according to Tom). Warm up on the range, eat some wild raspberries and then head to the Links. Morning round is Links/Quarry. Afternoon round is Preserve/Links. Ahhh... beautiful day. beautiful weather. beautiful scenery. in my case, ugly golf for the most parts with sparks of ... well, wouldn't call beauty. Lunch was supposed to be on the patio, but it starts raining on 18 so lunch in the bar. Radio is texting me about where we're playing, when, etc. Rain had better end for round 2. Not going to mess up my day. It clears and off we go. Robert's surprised about the course. It's a big surprise (note sarcasm). But, as we speak, it is his favorite course. Finish up with dinner on the patio (note to people on the Great Escape: when possible, eat not at the main lodge, but at the course, in the grill room, on the patio. better food, great value on the package as we had salad, entree and dessert included -- at Bay Harbor).

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