Monday, May 01, 2017

Booked and ready for Michigan 2017.

It’s time to start trash talking about Michigan Golf 2017. I’m making my return after having to bail last year since I was still recovering from knee surgery. That was a smart decision to not go. I don’t think I would have made it through that much golf.

This year, the courses, Saturday, July 29 – Sunday, August 6:
Forest Dunes: Black Loop on Saturday, Red Loop on Sunday (yes, a reversible course), Weiskopf Course on Sunday [staying in the four BR, four bath villa – haven’t stayed in these before – Forest Dunes keeps adding amenities and courses. I love this place].
·        Boyne Highlands (where we are staying this year): Heather, Arthur Hills, Ross, Moor
·        Bay Harbor (Liz’s Day): Links/Quarry, Preserve/Links
·        Boyne Mountain: Alpine, Monument
·        Crooked Tree
·        Kingsley Club

That makes two courses (well, one that’s reversible) that Tom and I haven’t played. Three that Pete and Paul haven’t played. And, Heather and Mark haven’t played any of them.

This year, the players:
Tom (ProVI, Julie)
Liz (The Princess)
Pete (The Volcano, Chewbacca)
Paul (PMS)
And… the Whites, Heather and Mark (who will get nicknames). These are the newbies on the trip. And, the first time TWO women have gone on the trip (well… some have whined like women so, there may be more estrogen in the group). Heather and Mark are actually coming in on Sunday and leaving on Friday, missing out on Forest Dunes and Kingsley. Their loss.

We're going to need to figure out a "game" with only six of us.

Am a little worried about color in the group. Paul is learning to love color. Tom and I like to put as much color on as we possibly can. Pete wears some color, especially yellow. The Whites – well, they are shades of grey most of the time, with black and white. Maybe some khaki or navy. We’ll have to work on them.  We changed Daigle. We’re working on Paul.

Better Made Butter Braided Pretzels. Oberon. Bob-In Again. Vernors. Lunch on the Patio at Bay Harbor (Liz's Day). Sagamore. Kilwins. Nice.

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