Monday, May 01, 2017

Day Seven: Kentucky

29 states of golf now accomplished on this trip. Now it’s time to cross Kentucky off of the ride list. Found Cumberland Falls ( pretty close to the border. There are a few routes, one up 75, one up 25 and one up 27. None of them look that exciting, but we want to cross Kentucky off the list. And they call Cumberland Falls the “Niagara of the South” and claim it’s the second biggest falls between Niagara and the Rockies. Mike and Susan have gone off on their own to Chattanooga to see go to Lookout Mountain.

Tony and I weave up 140 to 162 to 62 to 170 to 25 and get on 75 over near Clinton (yes, we pass Golden Girls restaurant). We’ve decided to knock some miles off the trip by heading up 75 and it’s a really pretty nice interstate. Quite a few semis, but not bad (I hate riding on the Interstate). We bail and then take 25 in to town (again, like Devil’s Triangle, this route is a bit of a trailer park and not much of a ride – 75 was more picturesque). Until we actually get to the park (Daniel Boone National Forest), it’s been a pretty boring ride. 

Not quite sure what we were expecting the "Niagara of the South" to be. I guess, like Niagara. Cumberland Falls is a "baby version" of Niagara. I mean, it's cool. It sounds cool. We saw a rainbow. It's a waterfall. 

Even seeing a bear on a sign counts for something.

Off we go to head back. Some of the ride is nice. Some pretty boring. OK, we'll just say it: compared to our other rides, this one is really boring. We're heading back to the house, but stop for lunch (again, not a chain -- and there must be a chicken fried steak theme -- yes, I had chicken tenders instead). There are two older women seated at a table. And two older men seated at another table. Older, as in 80s kind of old. There's some flirting going on amongst them that was pretty entertaining. The food here is pretty unmemorable (canned green beans, fries out of a bag, tenders out of a bag). 
Nope, they don't have a website. We were in Pioneer, Tennessee.

Back to the house. Kentucky is officially off the list. And we saw a waterfall.

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