Monday, May 01, 2017

Day Six: Golf!

Al & Eileen have to go to work on Tuesday. Tony and I wanted a little break from the rides and I booked us a tee time at Willow Creek Golf Course ( Looks about 10 minutes from the house. On their website they showed that you can see the mountains, so that's nice.

Susan is going to ride in the cart while Tony, Mike and I play. Mike is now outfitted with a camo golf bag, Harley driver cover, and a gazillion foot ball retriever. The rest of his clubs have been assembled by Tony.

Yes, there are willow trees

This tree was NOT 90% air.

Fish in the pond. Big fish.

It's a fun day, with all of us playing rather poorly. But, we're playing. We never did see that view of the mountains. And there was surprisingly little elevation on the course. With about 20 pounds of leftover pizza left at the house, we head home for leftovers.

And then off to Tractor Supply ( we went to pick up new tail lights to get the trailer back up and running. I have never been to a Tractor Supply place, but managed to spend $100 on new tail lights (these came prewired – a deal for $40), Horse and Mane shampoo and condition (Tony’s been raving about it), some hopefully miracle balm for poor Kat (she looks like a mangy neglected rat with her skin issues), jeans for Tony. And then to Publix to pick up stuff for dinner at the house (including fruit for me, as this trip hasn’t been very healthy in the fruits and vegetable department). If you want to entertain Tony in the grocery store, give him a race car cart and we're set.

Kitchen to myself, I prep the marinated buttermilk chicken (buttermilk, BBQ rub seasoning for at least an hour), spicy butter honey chili corn on the cob (butter, Tabasco sauce, honey, salt, pepper), and baked potatoes. We're going to test out Al's Traeger Pellet grill. The pellet grill worked pretty good. The little pellets look like rat poop, but the chicken turned out with a hint of smoke, but not too much.

Then down to the bar (of course) to figure out what we're going to do the next day. Al & Eileen still have to work. Al tries to convince Eileen that she should just go into the office. Wasn't successful.

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