Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day 5: Heather/Hills at Boyne Highlands

Off we go on Day 5 of our Michigan golf adventure. Today is Boyne Highlands, the Heather course followed by Arthur Hills. First have to make our stop at 7-11 for coffee (it's a tradition). Then stop for breakfast (buffet with egg station) at the inn before our first round. Warm up a bit on the not-so-impressive driving range (we've always thought their driving range was pretty dinky, but after Forest Dunes, nothing seems as top notch). The Heather course has some marsh, some hills, some woods. Really pretty course. If you watched Big Break Michigan, you'd recognize some of the holes here and later on at Arthur Hills.

Now that we’re a foursome, we can play Robins and team trash. Much more fun than with 3 people because the games are more plentiful and noone is alone in a golf cart. Not that we have running conversations or anything, it does make a difference.

Finish up at Heather and head to the next course for lunch in the clubhouse before playing the Hills. The onion rings are amazing -- but they didn’t have the sweet potato fries that are excellent (it's been a number of years, but Flick was having lunch with a Korean woman on the LPGA. Now I wish I knew who it was because I'm sure she's doing well on the tour.

Hills is one of Tom’s favorite tracks. It starts off pretty basic (especially since I birdied the first hole). Meanders around into the woods. The back nine is more impressive because of the elevation changes -- but the front is pretty special as well. Breathtaking views make playing poorly fine by me. Besides, we also have beer!

Finish up our round on the Hills and off to the Bob In for bear claws. We've discovered that Mark is winning the most. Tom is thinking about changing the rules. Why -- because he "Says So."

Tom and I have been talking up The Bob In for weeks. It’s tradition. It didn't have the same aura for Bob or Mark -- but they are newbies and have to go along with what we want to do. And The Bob In Again is TRADITION.

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