Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day 8: Head to Tullymore

Got up in the morning -- not nearly as early as most days because we're not playing a morning round and instead driving to Tullymore/St. Ives. Pack up the cars and head to check out of Boyne. Thankfully, our buddy was there at checkout so we could check everything and get squared up. For one of the first times since we've been going on the trip, everything sorted out nicely. Mark headed to a meeting and was going to catch up with us. Tom, Bob and I leisurely headed our way (Bob spent most of the trip snoring in the backseat).

To get to Tullymore, they tell you not to use your GPS because it'll take you there in a round about way. But, they do have a lot of big signs guiding you there (Tullymore is in the middle of nowhere as well). When we get to St. Ives, it's starting to rain. And, I don't particularly like playing in the rain. Don't like the rain gear, the wet grips, the umbrella. Nothing about it. So, pretty much I rode around in the cart, drank beer, caught up on email and a bit of work, watched the scenery. There were a lot of deer on this course -- including the two that put plenty of hoof marks on the green as they ran up from the pond and across the green.

Finish up and head to the inn to check in. Nothing fancy. Not nearly as nice as Boyne. But, we're only there for a night's sleep. Grab dinner and drinks and then head in for some shuteye before our last round at Tullymore.

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