Saturday, October 08, 2011

Mileage Run

I know I'm not the only one who considers a mileage run to keep ADDVantage status on American Airlines. Being in Dallas, and flying places that don't "touch" Texas (meaning, flying Southwest means changing planes), status is a good thing. So, I stay on the lookout for cheap fares -- with Tony doing a job in San Antonio, I've been looking there, but roundtrips look close to $400. Too much.

I'm borderline keeping my Gold status for the year (miss having Platinum, but what can I do?) so with Tony out of town and a cheap $110 airfare available to LAX, I jumped on flying in this morning, hanging out at the Admirals Club, and flying back. I know, I could leave the airport, but this is pretty easy.

So, woke up early, headed to the airport. Parked with Freedom Park (if you don't know about this, you should), spent 30 minutes in the Admirals Club in the D terminal. Didn't get upgraded (but have for the return flight). Board -- no one is in the middle seat next to me. Yeah! Uneventful flight, except  for the leaky pen that I got all over my face.

Headed to the Admirals Club at LAX. It's a pretty big place with good views. But, I like the set up of the ones in DFW better -- they have more coffee bars and refreshment areas. You have to wander around to find it here. It is better than the Admirals Club in Chicago -- which isn't bad, it's just always jam packed with people, making it hard to find a place to sit everytime I go.

First order of business: finishing up the Michigan golf trip blog. Completed! Feel like such a slacker for it taking so long. Note to self: do LIVE, not months after a trip. No fun. No energy.

Second order of business: Bloody Mary (thanks, Laurie, for keeping me out too late on Friday night!). Watch Texas OU game (non event -- it's 48 to 10 in favor of OU-- ouch!). BTW, Mr. Bartender: I agreed to spicy, and like horseradish -- but.... the huge scoop of it was a bit overwhelming.

Third order of business: Think I'm going to LEAVE the Admirals Club and grab lunch.  As OK as the food is at the Admirals Club, figure there may be something more interesting in the terminal (maybe).

So, I could be playing golf instead of doing this mileage run. But I feel I accomplished things today. Maybe I'll buy a shot glass in memory of the trip.

OK, I'm off to find some lunch at LAX. Mileage run half way done.

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