Saturday, October 08, 2011

Day 9: Tullymore and heading home

It's a sad day the last day of the trip, but also a happy day. After this much golf, it's time to head home. Not that we're looking forward to heading back to Dallas and 100+ weather. Tullymore was designed by the same architect who did True North, so we know we'll be happy playing there. It does not disappoint. Cool back to back par threes on the front. Don't have those very often. But, the par 3s are pretty stout yardage wise.

St Ives Inn is no Boyne, but I obviously didn’t mind the bed since I missed the thunderstorms that supposedly blew through Wednesday night after we turned in. Did find out that all of us watched Feherty when we turned in (so, yes, there is no such thing as too much golf). Grab coffee, check out, and off to Tullymore.
Tullymore is another one of the top 100 courses and designed by Eng (same guy who did True North). This is the second of the two courses I hadn’t played on this trip so I’m looking forward to it. Can’t say that we were all bouncing up and down after this many rounds of golf. The entrance and landscaping heading to Tullymore is beautiful. Keep saying it over and over how I wish my yard and garden could look like this in Dallas -- no way in the world that could happen with our Texas heat. Don’t even want to think about what the yard looks like. I’m sure that the tomatoes are no more. Peppers may have a chance. Impatiens, definitely not.

Tullymore lived up to its reputation and was a great track. Could play it regularly, and from different tee boxes (played from the Gold -- this trip is taxing enough, why make it even longer, especially on the last course of the trip). Tullymore isn’t as challenging as True North, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (especially on the last day). Back to back par 3s was interesting (not too many courses have -- one of them is Cypress Point, in case you’re curious). We’re finally seeing more critters -- Momma and her babies. Geese (but not as many as at St. Ives).

Round over and Mark jumps in his car to head back to Chicago. He figures if he gets there earlier, he could wrap up his meetings and head back to Dallas tonight (or earlier tomorrow). We grab lunch at the clubhouse since we have time. Excellent food (Tom had a chicken parmagian (sp) sandwich and Bob and I had a steak baguette with horseradish and mushrooms and provolone). Jump in the T&C and off to the airport we go (Bob pretty much falls asleep pretty quickly).

Sitting here at the airport in Grand Rapids (GRR), Netbook plugged in. Coffee in hand. Tom’s photos are uploaded onto my computer, as are mine. Might have tried to upload too many photos to Snapfish before the flight, but it’s delayed. Maybe it’ll be a good sign and I’ll have to cancel my upload midway (doubt it). Tom’s over to my right. Bob, don’t know where he is. This is the last leg of the trip, and we don’t typically spend a lot of time talking. We’re pretty beat by now. Figure sleeping may be on the agenda on our flight.

How’d we net out? Can’t remember if I’ve told you, but there is a spreadsheet involved and all I had to do was drop in the last couple of rounds and then it’s all figured out (yes, there are a number of documents on this trip -- spreadsheet with handicaps on different tee boxes on all of the courses we play; itinerary formatted from Tom’s initial tee times; spreadsheet for expenses since I am the keeper of the money; spreadsheet for trash and Robins). Well, no one lost big or won big on this trip. Mark was the big winner of $40 in Robins ($20 from me and $20 from Bob) and $41 in trash. Tom broke even on the Robins and won $17 in trash. Bob and I are paying them out. But, it’s worth it. I’m sure that Mr. Say So will have to have a meeting to discuss how to adjust for next year.
And, yes, we’re already talking about next year. It will definitely be Michigan. Always Michigan (and yes, I have a bag of Better Made Butter Braided Pretzels stashed in my suitcase).

[guess my overzealous uploading is working out. Flight was supposed to leave at 530 pm. Then changed to 605 pm. Just switched to 555 pm. And, since it’s 526 pm and I only have 64 of 205 photos uploaded, I overdid it. But thanks GRR for the free Wi-Fi so that I could at least start the upload.]

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