Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Arkansas, here we come!

After a successful motorcycle trip to Arkansas over Memorial Day, Tony and I are heading back for the holiday for some more rides. We're especially excited about the cooler weather we'll be having. Hopefully we'll dodge the rain.

Tomorrow morning, off we go. First heading to Fort Smith, Arkansas, taking as many country roads as we can find. Thursday off to ride around and to Eureka Springs. Friday, head south to Hot Springs Village for a couple of nights. And then ride back early to Dallas on Sunday.

Like last trip, we have a few spots we want to check out, but have left the trip pretty open to stop where we want to stop and see what we want to see.


David Taylor said...

Send me a pic of something BBQ-y to make me SOO jealous.

Ride safely!

Liz said...

Thanks, David. Haven't had any BBQ on the trip (yet). The elk burger was yummy.