Thursday, July 18, 2013

Michigan, getting close!

Michigan, here we come! The annual golf trip is locked and loaded. Me, Tom, Bob as returning veterans and Robert is our newbie. As I've been up since 3 am watching The Open (go Phil), I definitely have "golf on the brain." Here’s the itinerary (yes, me being me, all kinds of documentation for the trip):


Saturday, July 27
DFW to ORD (Flight 2320) 5:45 am – 8:05 am
ORD to TVC (Flight 4062) 9:55 am – 11:55 am
Drive to Forest Dunes
3:00 pm                        Play Forest Dunes
                                    Stay in Forest Cottage
6376 Forest Dunes Drive
Roscommon, MI 48653

Sunday, July 28          
9:00 am                        Play Forest Dunes
Drive to Boyne Highlands. Stop at Bob In Again                      
Evening                        Check in at Boyne Highlands    

 Monday, July 29         
8:10 am                        Boyne Highlands Heather                    
Lunch at the club
1:30 pm                        Boyne Highlands Moor                         
Dinner at the Highlands

 Tuesday, July 30 (Liz’s Day)           
8:50 am                        Bay Harbor Links/Quarry                               
Eat lunch on the deck!               
 2:20 pm                        Bay Harbor Preserve/Links
Dinner at Bay Harbor
Bob In Again

 Wednesday, July 31        
7:50 am                        Boyne Highlands Arthur Hills                   
Lunch at the club                      
 1:30 pm                        Boyne Highlands Ross
Dinner at the club

Thursday, August 1           
8:30 am                        Boyne Mountain Alpine
Lunch in the Meadow                 
 1:40 pm                        Boyne Mountain Monument                    

 Friday, August 2           
7:30 am                        Boyne Highlands Heather
Lunch at Hidden River on patio

 1:40 pm                        Play Hidden River
7688 Maple River Road
Brutus, MI 49716
(800) 325-4653

Dinner at Highlands

Saturday, August 3        
8:40 am                        Play Crooked Tree

Drive to Traverse City

TVC to ORD (Flight 4272) 4:55 pm – 5:00 pm
ORD to DFW (Flight 2349) 7:10 pm – 9:40 pm
We also plan on playing the lit par 3 course at Boyne Highlands for the first time. Should be good for a few greenies. Spreadsheet with our handicaps complete. Itinerary complete. 80% packed. Can we go now?


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