Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Road to Fort Smith, Arkansas

Day 1, get up at 430 am and get ready for the trip. Walking back to the house on Kat’s walk, Tony’s already up with a cup of coffee. Impressed that I can pack all of my stuff in this one little bag (and include a netbook, kindle wire, camera, blackberry -- no skycaddie on this trip).

On the road a little after 600 am, heading up 75 to 121 where we’ll head to Bonham and the to Paris. Nice to be on back roads most of the trip. Passed what looked to be a nice golf course, Legacy Ridge, on the way. Road trip? Stopped and gassed up and saw some cows heading on a trip. Turn on to 82 to head to Paris, and stopped at Nancy’s Café, 329 N Main Street, Paris TX 75460, for breakfast (really good ham and cheese omelet with great ham).

271 up we head not sure what our route will be. Jogged over to 93 to head over Hugo Lake. It dead ends into 3 and right we go towards Broken Bow to 259. All of it scenic, hilly, curves. And it isn’t until Broken Bow that I shed my jacket because the weather is chilly! Not bad for July 3.
Stopped at 3 Sticks to see what its story was. Not much, but ran into another biker who told us to take route 1, the Talimena Scenic Parkway .

We took it one way and then pulled over and turned back the Oklahoma way on route 1, to 271. Wish I could take pictures while riding, but didn’t have my camera on me. Pretty. Curvy, hilly, scenic. We have the road to ourselves, until we run across a stalled truck pulling a wide load. Then back to having the road to ourselves.
Stop at a Tote a Poke (Tony’s tells me a poke is the thing that would hold everything a hobo would carry on a stick since I was not sure why you would want to tote a poke).

Pretty ride all of the way into Fort Smith. Buy a six pack of Samuel Adams Summer Ale and check in to the Baymont (well, not exactly a recommendation for a place to stay, we’re only here one night. Note to , the property could use some new carpet and a refresh). Shower and will finish uploading today’s photos and try and find a “non chain” restaurant in a sea of TGI Fridays, Hooters, Dennys.
Tomorrow will be fewer miles, but should be a pretty ride into Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

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Be safe you two!! Looks like a good time.