Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Day 3: Heather, Moor and what not to do with an iPhone on vacation in Michigan

Once we’re settled in at Boyne, it’s nice not to have to travel. Day 2 ended with the cocktail and reception and dinner as part of our Great Escape package. We excused ourselves from playing in the scramble on Wednesday and going to the Great Americans performance (Bay Harbor day). But met some nice people while sticking with each other. To bed so that we can play on Monday morning at the Heather and then the afternoon at the Moor.
With the exception of Bob, the rest of us are morning people. Bob isn’t bad, but he clearly isn’t an early bird. But, we head to breakfast at 6:00 am at the Lodge. They make omelets and have a pretty big spread. The driving range at Heather isn’t special, except that you’re hitting up a ski slope. But, I’ve secured tee times for an hour earlier so we’re happy and off we go. I didn’t realize that Tom always sets our tee time at the Heather course for a morning round. No wonder that’s my memory, but it’s a good one. The dew on the grass, the critters out -- we saw a number of deer, wild turkey, a muskrat, along with the seagull and plenty of geese. The first hole gets you going, but I always remember the dogleg right #2 hole and the first par 3 over water we almost always see deer. The first par 5 you would remember as “worse shot” on Big Break -- we’ve seen plenty of the areas, but today all manage to keep it in play.
Playing better, but not great. Same with the rest of the group. It’s a lot of golf.
Finish up and head off to lunch at the club. Sweet potato wedges and onion rings and Oberon beer.
The Moor at Boyne doesn’t go on our rotation often. It’s a really nice and fun track. But they do not maintain it. There are plenty of dead spots. The bunkers are full of rocks and not raked. Just not as special as the other courses. But, there are some good carries over reedy marshes. Plenty of trees (aren’t 90 percent air). The weather is nice. And there is Labats Blue Light beer.
There’s a junior tournament in front of us -- some of these kids have great swings at age 6. Pace starts out slow and then picks up.
Back to the condo to shower and go to dinner. We’re given dinner at a bunch of places and it includes three courses (and a free appetizer at the Highlands Main Lodge). I’m finishing up a work email that’s necessary, Tom’s working, Robert’s watching TV and the "he who shall remain nameless" is playing with an iphone app that lets you swing your phone like a club to check out your swing speed. His first try is only 91 mph. the second time was 121. The third time… couldn’t calculate it because “boom” into the wall goes "he who shall remain nameless"’s iphone. We all look as said cell phone is picked up to check out. Shattered screen. Really shattered.
He’s pretty embarrassed while the rest of us.. Well, it’s …. So, we head to dinner. Robert checks on his phone for the nearest Verizon store. In Petoskey. Open til 8. It’s 630 pm and we make the game day decision so that we don’t have to worry about it and he doesn’t stress about it (because even if he said he wasn’t). Pass the Bob In. Time to stop? Robert, Tom and I are now clearly amused at he who shall remain nameless’ expense at this point. Words like dumbass, bonehead. I think that the Verizon store is going to be next to the Walmart. Pretty close. We offer to come in and video tape the transaction for this adventure and are met with a glare. Instead, we go next door to the Mexican restaurant for margaritas. Never been to a phone store with under an hour wait. Same is the case here. Chips and Pace picante sauce salsa (we’re from Texas and typically stay away from Mexican food in other states, but it was that or going into Sally Beauty Supply to paint nails in the parking lot, or going for manicures and pedicures (just found out as I‘m typing this at 524 am before heading to Bay Harbor). Call Tony and tell him the story. His last words “don’t let him let SIRI call him 'Big Daddy.' Train her to say, 'please don’t throw me'.”
He is lucky that there was a Verizon store. He is lucky that they were opened. He is lucky that they had a replacement phone for him.
Back to the Lodge for a late dinner. All of us laughing, even he shall remain nameless. May even have to play golf on Sunday when we return just to tell this adventure at “his” expense. [Note: someone has asked to remain nameless in this blog because it may come back to haunt him. You think? We won’t let this down ever.]
So much for the early dinner we were going to have, as it is now past 8:30 when we eat at the Main Lodge. Debate over going to Bay Harbor to eat, but I want tomorrow to be “special” and at least the lodge is closer to the condo so we can eat and head back and go to bed. Someone doesn’t even make it through dinner, opting to sleep in the car while we finish up (ice cream). Worn out from his ordeal.
To bed. Tomorrow is Liz’s Day: Bay Harbor Day. Stop at 7-11 on the way (part of the routine). Sagamores for breakfast. Lunch on the patio. Links/Preserves/Quarry. And, this year, dinner at Bay Harbor (hopefully on the patio, even if I have to buy a sweatshirt to wear).
Final note: yes, pictures will eventually follow in these posts, but I will have to get them forwarded from people with cameras (and people with new cameras) and pictures downloaded off of phones-- well, some phones...

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