Saturday, April 30, 2016

Day 1: Dallas to Memphis (Graceland)

Pulling the Harley's
Day's Inn Graceland
Pictures will have to come later (change that: I am playing with Blogpad now, an app that gives me access to my iPad pics-- aren't you proud of me, Tony?). This is also my first time blogging on my iPad (with new keyboard). I'll get with the program. Tony and Mike loaded up the bikes yesterday afternoon and Tony put most of the stuff in the truck. He doesn't get any help from me on crutches. Got up and on the road by 7:30 am. Pretty good. Stopped in Rockwall to make sure the bikes were tied down (they were), grab breakfast and YouTube'd figuring out how to put Mike's bike into transit mode (thank you to the Harley dealer in Indianapolis -- I believe Southside Harley, for the video). Back on the road making pretty good time. Just before the Tennessee line (and the Mississippi River) the road got pretty bumpy and Tony pulled over on the side of the road. That worried. Cop shows up. Nice cop. Only about 6 miles from Graceland. Took a little detour (note, stay on I-55, which was a sudden exit. But, not hard to navigate around and to Graceland). Note: Graceland Harley is on Elvis Presley Boulevard and we figure a must stop on our way out. Drove by Graceland and, just as described on TripAdvisor, Day's Inn right next door. Day's Inn is "cute" and full of Elvis memorabilia. But if you're trailering Harley's parking is TIGHT. I had called ahead the day before to see about getting a first floor room since I'm on crutches. Score. They switched to a handicapped room. First time it's been easy to pee since I was injured (yes, TMI). And a shower (note: I cannot shower unsupervised and needed Tony to get me in and out of the tub. New challenge.) We're right next to the guitar-shaped pool. Not as big as it looked in pictures, but nice. Dinner we decided was going to be Marlowe's Ribs & Restaurant (featured on Diners Drive Ins and Dives AND they advertise picking you up in a pink limo at the hotel. Nice to be able to ditch the car and have service. They picked us up at 7 and it was only about a mile to the restaurant. They were great about giving us a booth that didn't have steps. Appetizers: combo platter with fried green tomatoes, fried pickles, corn fritters, chicken tenders -- I liked the tomatoes and Tony corn fritters. Dinner: split a three meat platter with pulled pork, ribs and smoked chicken with Mac and cheese, fried okra and baked beans. Pulled pork and ribs were winners. Smoked chicken was dry. Mac and cheese. Yes. Full tummies and then back to the Day's Inn to rest up for Graceland. 
Pick up in pink limo
Elvis Karate Outfit at Marlowe's

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