Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Memphis, Knoxville, Asheville

We’re locked and loaded for a road trip. Trailering the Harley (along with Mike’s). I know that’s not hard core, but it gives us more room for stuff. And less time on interstates so more time for rides. This trip:

Dallas to Memphis. Staying at the Day’s Inn at Graceland (yes, I am staying at a Day’s Inn http://www.daysinnatgraceland.com/ – it has a pool shaped like a guitar and is close to Graceland). Dinner at Marlowe’s Ribs (http://www.marlowesmemphis.com/ they pick you up at the Day’s Inn in a pink limo). Friday is Graceland (www.graceland.com ), which I hear is a bucket list visit. Signed us up for the $80 VIP tickets – gets you to the head of the line. Even though I’m not so sure I want to hear the iPad tour as narrated by John Stamos. They say to give yourself 3-3.5 hours for this. Not sure I have that much Elvis touring in me, but we’ll see.

 Then off to Knoxville to Al and Eileen’s. It’s Al’s birthday, the purpose for the trip. And the timing.
Then off to Asheville. Tail of the Dragon (http://tailofthedragon.com/ ) on the way there. Staying in Willow Winds Cabins (Mike’s place) http://www.ashevillecabins.com/ .

Should be an adventure. BUT, I added to the adventure on Sunday. May have torn my meniscus (right knee). No weight on it. The pain is worse than when I pulled both of my quads in high school playing soccer. Way worse than the stress fractures in my feet playing soccer at Davidson.

Nice that when I posted the need for crutches to make it to the doctor on our North Oak Cliff Facebook page, Joe Horner walked them over. Not great since I had to improvise to use them because I am not tall enough. Good that I got into a doctor and Nurse Tony/Chauffer Tony took me there. Bad that Doctor Ellis thinks I have a torn meniscus. MRI scheduled for today. News on our trip to Memphis on Thursday.

Graceland on crutches? I’m not so sure about this. I am not a really competent crutches person. Motorcycle trip on crutches. We’ll see. At least the doctor lent me some shorter crutches and Tony thinks they will bungie on to the bike. On and off the bike? At least it’s my right knee and I may be able to figure this out.

TripAdvisor will be getting plenty of reviews from me based on how fun this trip is on crutches. It won’t necessarily be anything against the stop we make, but to ward anyone off of what we are planning. We like adventures and all, but this one may be epic-ly – well, epic.

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